I have been listening to music since I can remember: every genre, every artist, every edgy and niche subculture. 

I am a great listener: I take pride in discovering unheard gems, trying to connect with their authors.  


It never gets old, really… somehow, music keeps hypnotising us, surprising us, always, always offering something new. Must be some sort of magic. 

Crash World Shares Relatable Gem ‘Cup of Coffee’

Introduced by a lovely and poignant blend of fiddle and acoustic guitar, ‘Cup Of Coffee’ is a rather nuanced offering. Oscillating between gentle character and more energetic and punchy tones, the record showcases Crash World’s unique and authentic artistry, something that’s not as secret anymore: a quick look at their streaming figures will convince you […]

Vassilis Returns with ‘Are You Ready To Move On?’

When approaching ‘Are You Ready To Move On?’, one must be in the right state of mind. You see, the listening experience is rather emotional, quite introspective and intimate. A slow-burn, intense gem, the track is Vassilis’ latest effort. Emerging from Manchester, the talented creative reminds us of a young Bono, especially for his precise, […]

Strange Souvenirs Share Euphoric Gem ‘Coma Cluster’

Listening to ‘Coma Cluster’ has been a rather unique experience. In an industry where people tend to sound a lot like each other, Berlin duo Strange Souvenirs manage to offer us a hypnotising aura of authenticity, shaping their own path through the contemporary cultural landscape. Emerging from the hip and highly creative eastern part of […]

Venice Heath Unveil Full EP ‘Summernight’

The keen reader will joyfully remember Venice Heath, London-based outfit with a knack for bright eclectic indie stylings, often balanced between danceable grooves, fuzzy distortions and retro-flavoured synthesisers. They spent the best part of the year getting ready for their EP release, slowly dropping a few of the stunning tracks that would eventually celebrate their […]

Guild Theory Share Intense and Cathartic Album ‘Streaks of Light Burn the Sky’

We had quite a poignant experience listening to Guild Theory. The British rock outfit has just released their latest effort, ‘Streaks of Light Burn the Sky’, a long album with an intense and cathartic outlook. It’s introspective music, the fitting soundtrack for a dive into your own self, with all the nostalgia and painful emotions […]

MOLTENO Shares Trip-Hop Flavoured Jewel ‘Stars’

When approaching ‘Stars’, one must be ready to deal with MOLTENO’s cathartic energy. Layering spacious and evocative vocals against a backdrop of icy and ethereal electronica, the British talent guides us into her own artistic universe, an introspective refuge of her own making, a place packed with pathos and character. The listening experience is intense, […]

mase J Shares Honest Gem ‘what’s it to you’

While listening to mase J, we couldn’t refrain from thinking about how fresh and innovative his music is. Perhaps we are not used to his style yet, but the project’s blend of chill-out, lo-fi tones, classic hip-hop and rap really impressed us. The British talent seems to be able to surf freely among genres, borrowing […]

Rodney Cromwell Unveils Set of Remixes for ‘The Winter Palace’

For the uneducated reader, the name Rodney Cromwell might sound pretty new. In reality, he’s a modern synthpop pioneer. The good kind of synthpop: we are not referring to late 80s Italo disco extravaganza, but rather to the more nuanced synth-fuelled explorations so common in the early 80s – often blinking an eye to electronica […]

Easton Returns with Crooner-style Jewel ‘Can’t Help But Check My Phone’

Upon hearing ‘Can’t Help But Check My Phone’, we were positively surprised. You see, there’s a strong crooning quality in Easton’s vocals. His tone is so delicate, luscious and passionate, exuding charm and a certain nostalgia. We find a strong retro quality in it, echoed also by the vocal recording itself, quite textured and with […]

Anton Sword Delves Into Introspective Storyline in ‘Wedding Guest (Fled the Wedding)’

Upon approaching ‘Wedding Guest (Fled the Wedding)’, one can only remain hypnotised by the kaleidoscopic and theatrical nature of the record. Penned by experienced performer and artist Anton Sword, the song is a mesmerising blend of electronica, pop and folk lyricism, all packaged into a euphoric, relatable and uplifting gem. Sonically, we find a poignant […]

Phillip Good Shares Relatable Gem ‘WAKE ME UP’

Crafting a relatable song is not that easy, but Phillip Good seems to know exactly what to do. Delving into his own consciousness, the Cincinnati storyteller crafts a beautiful tribute to lost love through poignant and emotional lyricism, perhaps connecting with the listener on a deeper level. We are confident that ‘WAKE ME UP’ will […]

Bad Ass Beauty Empowers Listeners in ‘Blast Off’

Her productivity is starting to impress us – Bad Ass Beauty seems dead set on delivering the fiercest rock she can write, and so far she’s been greatly successful in that endeavour; not long ago we were praising ‘Broken’, yet again letting ourselves get lost in the whirlwind of guitars and punchy energy so proudly […]


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