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While recorded music is the core of what we do, Mesmerized is also mindful of live shows. You see, there’s a certain rawness in seeing an artist live.

We can taste their pure, unfiltered energy, perhaps unveiling a whole new perspective on the music we already love. 

Live Shows

Follow us as we bring you the highlights from the best up-and-coming shows from the UK and beyond. 

Cloud Ray and Superlative Sain Perform in London, UK!

It’s been a while since we set foot in Brixton Jamm, but in hindsight, this was the perfect comeback. Both on an overseas trip, Cloud Ray and Superlative Sain were the subjects of our attention. Hailing from the US East Coast, the pair can be best described as holistic creatives, artists and entrepreneurs, building a […]

Cloud Ray Set to Perform in London, on May 24th

The keen reader might remember American hip-hop talent Cloud Ray. Writing about him, we proudly declared: “a kaleidoscopic blend of uplifting hip-hop, mainstream pop and everything in between, including tropical influences and modern electronic references. Crowning it all, we find Cloud Ray’s charming and playful tone, proudly driving the listening experience towards euphoric territories”. Luckily, […]

Lullabee Set to Perform Live In London, on February 7th

Honestly, one of the best pop projects to appear on our pages in the past six months. British songstress Lullabee knows exactly how to deliver material that’s engaging, emotional, nuanced, and fragile, wrapped up in an elegant and sumptuous sonic livery. A quick listen to her recent releases, such as ‘Obsession’ and ‘Home’, will gracefully […]

Bowen Set to Perform Live In London, on February 7th

BOWEN came together after a chance meeting at Reading Festival, sharing common musical taste (such as Wolf Alice and David Bowie). Headed by ex sad-girl-indie songstress Neve Bowen, they promise a much fuzzier and fiercer sonic identity, shifting the focus towards indie and alt-rock territories, while maintaining a pinch of fashionable melancholia and emotional charge. […]

Wild Horse Set to Headline in London, on February 7th

“Two brothers and their best mate.” Jack & Henry Baldwin and Ed Barnes are known to the British music scene as Wild Horse, an eclectic and euphoric indie trio with a knack for funk-flavoured grooves and bright electronic textures. The result is an exuberant stream of sonic goodness that wraps the listeners into a playful […]

Alex Kate to Headline Colours Hoxton in February

Fresh from a crowded show in Norwich, British songstress Alex Kate returns to the capital for a big headline event at Colours Hoxton. Teaming up with forward-thinking promoter Gotobeat, Kate will take the stage on February 29th, joined by fellow creative Nuala and a third support still to be decided. Well… it could be you! […]

The Bloodstreams Announce December London Show

It’s been a busy year for The Bloodstreams. From their April album release ‘How To Be a God’ to their latest single, ‘Jackie’, the British rock outfit seems to have found their sonic identity, often drenched in psychedelic energy and vintage tones. The result is a stream of fuzzy goodness that’s highly eclectic and unique, […]

Elina Performs Misty and Heartfelt Show in London, Omeara

Unbelievably, we were oblivious to Swedish songstress Elina until a few weeks ago, when we got the chance to write about ‘Sweet Night’, a single we defined as “a mellow, evocative and stunning song that embraces the listener with warmth and acceptance”. Since then, the talented Nordic creative went on to release a glorious album, […]