While recorded music is the core of what we do, Mesmerized is also mindful of live shows. You see, there’s a certain rawness in seeing an artist live.

We can taste their pure, unfiltered energy, perhaps unveiling a whole new perspective on the music we already love. 

Live Shows

Follow us as we bring you the highlights from the best up-and-coming shows from the UK and beyond. 

Eleonora Stolfi Announces October London Show in King’s Cross

Gearing up for a busy few months of live performances, eclectic singer-songwriter Eleonora Stolfi announces her next live appearance in King’s Cross, one of London’s leading creative hubs. She’ll be taking the stage at The Star of Kings, on the 11th of October. [Make sure to get your tickets here, before they run out] Alongside her […]

Alice Jayne Announces October London Show

Off the back of a glorious electro-pop single, ‘Light Within Dark’, talented songstress Alice Jayne is gearing up for her next London show. Taking place at The Star of Kings, in King’s Cross creative hub, on October 11th, the night will provide an opportunity to hear Jayne’s powerful vocals first-hand, alongside a selected lineup of […]

Live Diary: A Friday Night In Hackney, with Alex Kate

[Cover Photo: Bella Frank] – Guiding her show towards a triumphal end, Alex Kate charmingly declared: “I love processing emotions in a song!”. She really does: over the last couple of years, the Norwich-based talent has unveiled a wealth of stunning and elegant pop material, often exploring the highs and lows of love and emotional […]


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