I have been listening to music since I can remember: every genre, every artist, every edgy and niche subculture. 

I am a great listener: I take pride in discovering unheard gems, trying to connect with their authors.  


It never gets old, really… somehow, music keeps hypnotising us, surprising us, always, always offering something new. Must be some sort of magic. 

Synthia Looper Shares Eerie Electronica in Latest EP

It doesn’t happen every day to come across such a quirky and peculiar project as Synthia Looper. In fact, you might not be ready for it. Its musical force is pretty groundbreaking, delivering eerie and haunting vibes drenched in experimental and gritty electronica. Crowning it all, Synthia Looper’s vocals create a stark contrast with their […]

Bad Ass Beauty Returns with Fierce Hard Rock Tune ‘4 Horsemen’

We first got to know Bad Ass Beauty thanks to ‘Me’, a gritty and fierce rock offering greatly showcasing the musical quality of the Californian talent. In fact, we described Bad Ass Beauty as: “channelling the raw energy and punch of rock with charming and luscious female vocals, managing to hypnotise the listener into a […]

PeZhEd Shares Latest Dancy Banger ‘Locked on Ya’

There’s something really special in PeZhEd’s latest effort, an invisible, timeless force that draws us into the project, perhaps aided by the sense of nostalgia channelled by the track. ‘Locked on Ya’ is an unapologetic jump into classic house and early ‘2000 commercial vibes. Vocals are proudly provided by MiissAyyy, and they are the element […]

CALL ME DIO Shares Poignant and Uplifting Gem ‘Together’ 

‘Together’ is a delicate listening experience. A slice of heaven wrapping us into comforting musical tones, as if CALL ME DIO was lending us a helping hand, a reason for hope, yet again. Yeah, it’s that good. Sonically, the track channels the best folk-pop formulas, layering poignant guitars, anthemic keys and cinematic soundscapes. Sort of […]

Discover Sloppy Joe’s Euphoric Rock’n’Roll in ‘Live in Hamburg (Vol.1)’

It’s been a while since we received a live album. Actually recorded from a gig. It’s quite refreshing, to hear the audience roar and surge in peaks of euphoria, a sentiment we have definitely missed for the past few years. German band Sloppy Joe does exactly that, sharing a very compelling record titled ‘Live in […]

Benmozes Unveils Dynamic and Punchy Album ‘IMMIGRANT’

Don’t you love a debut album? For a band, that’s a big deal. The euphoria and expectations surrounding it can make or break a project. Selecting the best songs, making sure there’s some sort of musical and lyrical concept behind it… It certainly is a big milestone for every serious outfit. Boston rockers Benmozes understood […]

Living Pictures Explore Ambient Electronica in ‘Crossing the Bridge’

Some records are not meant for everyone. You could, in fact, argue that the more meaningful an album is, the more targeted and niche its audience will be. Perhaps it’s not the smartest choice, commercially speaking, but artistically, well it’s exactly what was expected. American ambient and electronica outfit Living Pictures are the perfect example […]

Gideon Foster Unveils Full Album ‘Prophecy’

Gideon Foster’s story is one of resilience, discovery, and hope. You see, He’s not your typical artist. For him, music was a welcomed change, the chance to grow and evolve into a better version of himself. Having already spent many summers on this earth, it wasn’t until eight years ago that Foster’s tried his hand […]

Sarah Krimson Shares Latest Gem ‘Bleeding Heart’

‘Bleeding Heart’ is the second single from Sarah Krimson‘s upcoming EP ‘Urban Melancholia’. The record is about a moment during Sarah’s therapy when her therapist helped her remember a painful hidden memory from her early childhood. Sarah translated the pain into lyrics and it birthed Bleeding Heart. As the resurfaced memories felt like a gunshot, […]

Avalon Kane and Stu Patterson Share New Collaborative Gem ‘Red’

The artistic pairing between Avalon Kane and Stu Patterson seems to be working extremely well; the two Australian creatives perfectly fit each other’s styles, both championing a pretty experimental and innovative outlook on modern electronica. We had a taste of it last year, when Kane and Patterson teamed up over ‘Tracks’, a decisively dark and […]

Courant Releases Evocative and Ethereal Dance Jewel ‘Ways To Love You’

Emerging for Canada, Courant is one of the freshest and most talented dance music producers we have heard in a while. You see, when it comes to house and techno stuff, the panorama of new releases is rather hard to navigate. There are a lot of frankly useless records, made by aspiring peeps without real […]

Trust The Mask Share Punchy Synth-Laced Gem ‘Will you come?’

Some of you might have noticed that – in the past few years – Italy has been quite fertile when it comes to electronic music, championing a fierce experimental and arty outlook on it. From Caterina Barbieri to Lorenzo Senni, there’s a whole plethora of talented creatives pushing the boundaries of synth-based musical work. In […]


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