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I have been listening to music since I can remember: every genre, every artist, every edgy and niche subculture. 

I am a great listener: I take pride in discovering unheard gems, trying to connect with their authors.  


It never gets old, really… somehow, music keeps hypnotising us, surprising us, always, always offering something new. Must be some sort of magic. 

Seven and counting Release Infectiously Rocking Debut Album ‘Tonight’

Hailing from Zadar, Croatia, Seven and counting is an eight-piece band that recently unleashed their debut album titled ‘Tonight’. Though formed in 2015, the act took several years to finalise the exact line-up they were looking for – and then came a global pandemic that further delayed their introduction to the world. Undeterred, the band […]

Russ Nelson Offers Up Soulful and Immersive Alt-Rock Classic ‘5 AM’

Drawing inspiration from the timeless poetry of T. S. Eliot and the hard-earned lessons of a young adult, Montana-based singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Russ Nelson introduces his smashing new single ‘5 AM’. A classic and soulful alternative rock tune that features driving guitar riffs and powerful vocals, the immersive track grabs hold of the listener instantly […]

Every Thing The Light Touches Debut with Incredibly Beautiful Single ‘Animal’

Famed Irish singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and composer Danny Forde is the brains behind a new musical project called Every Thing The Light Touches. Assembling a stellar cast of musicians that includes Swedish singer/songwriter Linnéa Lundgren, New York-based guitar virtuoso Lau Noah, and drummer for Soda Blonde and Little Green Cars Dylan Lynch, Danny and Co. have […]

Megaciph and Miss Primrose Deliver Powerful and Empowering New Single ‘Get Up’

I must warn you straight from the get-go…’Get Up’ goes hard! Courtesy of Atlanta-based songwriters and vocalists Megaciph and Miss Primrose, the high-energy and hypnotic tune will have you dancing and moving along in no time. A track about overcoming adversity and finding new energy to fulfil our dreams, ‘Get Up’ is not just an […]

Magz Returns with Dark-Pop Stunner ‘Disappoint Me’

New York-based singer/songwriter and producer Magz holds a special place in our hearts here at Mesmerized. It feels like we’ve watched her grow and mature over the years, and her latest release ‘Disappoint Me’ only confirms her status as a rising star in the music industry. A hard-hitting dark-pop piece, ‘Disappoint Me’ shows Magz at […]

Fall of Passion Share Poignant Historical Journey ‘Never Gonna Let You Go’

It rarely happens to receive a record so closely tied to the history of Great Britain. In the case of ‘Never Gonna Let You Go’, the track seeks to pay homage to the Regency Era (preceding the Victorian Era). it does so through folk-flavoured pop material, and more importantly, with a music video featuring a […]

The Silver Doors Share Self-Titled Hard-Hitting Album

It took us a while to fully grasp the extent of The Silver Doors’ artistry. ‘Reedemer’, in particular, is a very fitting opener track, bathing in eclecticism and psych-rock with a certain math flair; It reminds us of the likes of Battles, at least partly. The addition of an electric violin makes the sonic formula […]

Nick Noon Unleashes Electrifying New Single ‘Who Needs Who’

Nashville-based singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Nick Noon is no stranger around these parts. In fact…he’s a firm favourite! We at Mesmerized have been following his burgeoning musical career since 2022, but today, I’d like to introduce you to his brand new single ‘Who Needs Who’. Poised to take over playlists and dominate dance floors everywhere, Nick’s […]

Ghostly Times Deliver Raw and Honest Masterpiece with Latest EP ‘MIRAGE’

Ghostly Times is a New York-based rock quartet who, just a few days ago, put out a rich and diverse EP that I have completely fallen in love with. Expanding their sonic palette while staying true to their rock roots, Ghostly Times offer up seven new tunes that showcase just how far the band have […]

Gary Dranow Explores the Complexities of Autocracy with New Single ‘China Rose’

Painting a vivid picture of resilience and longing for freedom, ‘China Rose’ is another new offering from the ridiculously prolific Utah-based act Gary Dranow and The Manic Emotions. A band that we’ve come to know and love extremely well, Gary and Co. have built up a reputation for blending raw emotions with contemporary sensibilities. Through […]

Strawflower’s ‘Tiki Bar’ is a Ray of Musical Sunshine

‘Tiki Bar’ is the sort of tune that can literally change your day. It has the ability to turn a frown into a smile, and I can’t think of a higher compliment than to call it a ray of musical sunshine. Courtesy of Los Angeles-based surf rock and psychedelic pop act Strawflower, the unbelievably infectious […]

Crush Limbo Delivers Eclectic and Compelling Self-Titled Album

There currently seems to be a plethora of incredible new albums being released, none more so than the latest offering from New Jersey-based indie rocker Colm Clark, better known as Crush Limbo. The fourteen-track collection is an eclectic and captivating endeavour that features everything from 60s psych and 70s glam to punk and even a […]