I have been listening to music since I can remember: every genre, every artist, every edgy and niche subculture. 

I am a great listener: I take pride in discovering unheard gems, trying to connect with their authors.  


It never gets old, really… somehow, music keeps hypnotising us, surprising us, always, always offering something new. Must be some sort of magic. 

Meat in Space Shares Noisy and Fuzzy Gem ‘Outta My Head’

We had the pleasure of writing about Meat in Space earlier this year, featuring ‘Chromium Dioxide’. A fierce single, we described it as a “coarse, fuzzy and unregulated punk gem with emphasis on understated vocals and repetitions”. Truthfully, the project boasts a highly unique and alternative sound that likely won’t please everyone. In our view, […]

about-faces Return with Fierce and Nuanced Gem ‘The River’

We featured about-faces earlier this year, on the occasion of their debut record, ‘Under The Sun’. We proudly described it as “bound to be a fan favourite. Not only for the modulating guitars and understated synthetisers but also for the tremendous lead vocals”. Now, the Leeds-based outfit returns with a worthy follow-up, the melancholic yet […]

Levi Release Fuzzy and Meaningful Gem ‘Common Sense’

Canada has been on fire lately: something we can only describe as a stream of eclectic and interesting artists has flooded our inbox with incredible music. Levi is an integral part of this phenomenon, emerging from Montreal with authenticity and sleazy character. Delving into saturated indie territories, the talented creative recently shared ‘Common Sense’, a […]

UNITY Shares Peculiar Sonic Journey ‘SOMEWHERE IN TIME’

We partly wrote this article while in an airport waiting room, when travelling – which made for a peculiar and unexpected listening experience. The contrast between ‘SOMEWHERE IN TIME’s quirky and hypnotising sonic matter and the real world, with people frolicking around in a rush, made for a rather otherworldly feeling, the kind of vibe […]

Eno-Obong Shares Enlightened Hip Hop EP ‘Piedmont Park’

Reminding us of the same artistic nuances and complexity shared by the likes of Flying Lotus and Nosaj Thing, among others, Eno-Obong can be considered a sonic wizard, a solitary hero in a desolated land made up of TikTok trends and feeble melodies. Championing a sample-based hip-hop style rooted in community and tradition, the Dallas […]

Premiere: Deer Park Avenue Share ‘Strut’ Music Video

The keen reader might remember reading about Deer Park Avenue a few weeks back. The fierce German-based American duo of rock sisters Sarah and Steph Snyder had just released ‘Strut’, a record we described as “pure euphoria, a powerful journey into fuzzy, bluesy and hard rock delivered with modern flair and a dazzling production”.  Now, […]

Discover Athena Joy’s New Dark-Pop Single ‘Blame it on the Brain.’

Underscoring my point that there’s something special brewing Down Under, ‘Blame it on the Brain.’ is the spellbinding new tune from Gold Coast-based artist Athena Joy. A raw and honest dark-pop gem, Athena finds inspiration in the chronic pain that she experienced. “The song honestly was written just to vent,” she admits. “I never really […]

Petrol Put Their Indie-Pop Skills to the Test with ‘George VI (“Little Joey”)’

Not long ago, Philadelphia-based four-piece Petrol unleashed a short and crunchy little tune called ‘Pyle On‘, and I’ve been hooked on the band’s sound ever since! For their brand new single ‘George VI (“Little Joey”)’ however, the act has decided to switch gears and lean into a more dreamy indie-pop style. Yet again, the outcome […]

Bret Mosley Drops Heartfelt New Album ‘Through the Fire’

Much like my love for basically everything coming out of Nashville at the moment, there’s something equally special brewing Down Under. Take the brand new album from Americana and Roots singer/songwriter Bret Mosley for example. Now, granted, Mosley was born in Texas and honed his musical chops in New York, but Australia is now home. […]

Jidé Kuti Returns with the Magical ‘Faltering / Neverland’

Initially inspired by ‘The Fault in Our Stars’, ‘Faltering / Neverland’ is the brand new release from London-based acoustic singer/songwriter Jidé Kuti. Described by the artist as, “the summation of six years of musical trial and error,” the love song is a delicate, magical, and seriously infectious journey. The combination of Kuti’s acoustic guitar and […]

Eleonora Stolfi Announces October London Show in King’s Cross

Gearing up for a busy few months of live performances, eclectic singer-songwriter Eleonora Stolfi announces her next live appearance in King’s Cross, one of London’s leading creative hubs. She’ll be taking the stage at The Star of Kings, on the 11th of October. [Make sure to get your tickets here, before they run out] Alongside her […]

Alice Jayne Announces October London Show

Off the back of a glorious electro-pop single, ‘Light Within Dark’, talented songstress Alice Jayne is gearing up for her next London show. Taking place at The Star of Kings, in King’s Cross creative hub, on October 11th, the night will provide an opportunity to hear Jayne’s powerful vocals first-hand, alongside a selected lineup of […]


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