I have been listening to music since I can remember: every genre, every artist, every edgy and niche subculture. 

I am a great listener: I take pride in discovering unheard gems, trying to connect with their authors.  


It never gets old, really… somehow, music keeps hypnotising us, surprising us, always, always offering something new. Must be some sort of magic. 

Courant Releases Evocative and Ethereal Dance Jewel ‘Ways To Love You’

Emerging for Canada, Courant is one of the freshest and most talented dance music producers we have heard in a while. You see, when it comes to house and techno stuff, the panorama of new releases is rather hard to navigate. There are a lot of frankly useless records, made by aspiring peeps without real […]

Trust The Mask Share Punchy Synth-Laced Gem ‘Will you come?’

Some of you might have noticed that – in the past few years – Italy has been quite fertile when it comes to electronic music, championing a fierce experimental and arty outlook on it. From Caterina Barbieri to Lorenzo Senni, there’s a whole plethora of talented creatives pushing the boundaries of synth-based musical work. In […]

Amen Sioux Returns with Dazzling Gem ‘Useless’

When we received Amen Sioux’s latest effort, ‘Useless’, we were instantly warned of the project’s reluctance to share information. A rather mysterious aura wraps around the clearly talented human behind the epic moniker, letting the music speak for itself. We’ll take that: we are fierce believers in championing the representative power of music. In this […]

Sydney Miller Unveils Primal and Hypnotising Gem ‘Behind Closed Doors’

Sydney Miller is a welcomed discovery; not part of the industry’s commercial pop crew, she’s able to pursue an authentic and hypnotising style that frankly makes her one of the most exciting artists we have heard in a while. If keen to enter her eclectic and celebrative universe, we suggest starting with her latest single, […]

Layal Shares Charming RnB Jewel ‘This State’

If we had to describe Layal in one word, we’d say ‘refreshing’. That’s exactly how her music feels, a breath of fresh air in an otherwise standardised industry landscape. It’s almost inspirational: the young Londoner pursues her own artistic research, standing out from the crowd with a charming RnB and neo-soul-flavoured style that feels light, […]

Zack Fowler Shares Punk Anthem ‘SOS’

There are a few different angles to consider when approaching Zack Fowler. First is the musical one: he’s part of the new wave of young talents pushing pop-punk at the scene’s forefront. He does so with natural eclecticism, organising punchy drums and fuzzy guitars around short bursts of electronic beats, always relying on his powerful […]

BIAS Shares Stunning Cover Rendition of ‘Can’t stand losing you’

Hailing from Imola, Italy, BIAS has been active for just a couple years, yet, he’s been keen on pursuing his particular brand of fuzzy electronica, often blending it with modern rap lyricism borrowed from the contemporary Italian tradition. The results are pretty notable, showcasing the work of an artist not afraid to push boundaries and […]

Imelda Gabs Showcases Her Fantastic Vocals in ‘Thieves’

We wouldn’t easily forget about Imelda Gabs. First reaching our musical radars a few months ago, the Swiss talent showcased a knack for cinematic, anthemic records, aided by her peculiar and nuanced vocal tone. Writing about her previous single ‘Reckless’, we proudly declared: “the record is perhaps Gabs’ most relevant effort to date, instantly putting […]

Ian Roland Praise The Healing Powers of Nature in ‘The Wood Wide Web’

What Ian Roland offers us is a monumental album, an opera magna of sorts. We don’t say that lightly: the Brighton resident manages to craft a collection of songs that draw an imaginary line between the healing power of nature and the destructivity of the human race, hinting that – whenever things get out of […]

Discover Waverly Drive’s Hypnotising Sonic Formula

It’s in the name: Waverly Drive’s music is made for travelling, for escapism, for finding a slice of heaven when you need it most. Take for instance ‘Darlin’, one of the project’s most influential and popular singles. In it, we are able to dive into the sonic euphoria and understated madness that underlines Waverly Drive, […]

Joe Doonan Returns with Poignant Gem ‘Jaybird’

We feel decisively lucky in being able to appreciate Joe Doonan’s music. The Leeds talent possesses the rare ability to provide escapism, giving the listener a fictional place to hide into. A place to soothe sorrows, or reflects on the future. Championing a stunningly poignant and relatable folk outlook, Doonan pursues music that’s easy on […]

Princeton Deals with Painful Loss in ‘Wanna Die’

Sometimes it’s good to stop, take a moment, and realize how we easily forget about the primary role of art and music: personal expression. We at Mesmerized do that sometimes, just because in the whirlwind of new releases it’s easy to lose sight of what a song really stands for. In the case of Princeton, […]


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