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I have been listening to music since I can remember: every genre, every artist, every edgy and niche subculture. 

I am a great listener: I take pride in discovering unheard gems, trying to connect with their authors.  


It never gets old, really… somehow, music keeps hypnotising us, surprising us, always, always offering something new. Must be some sort of magic. 

Alita Unveils Charming EP ‘Dreams’

Proudly sharing her latest EP ‘Dreams’, Alita confirms herself as a force to be reckoned with, in the Australian pop and R&B universe. Keen listeners might have already discovered her thanks to a few powerful singles in the last two years. Now, the up-and-coming songstress seeks to confirm her blessed artistic status with an EP […]

Edie Yvonne Enters Her Teenage Era in ‘15 (When I Leave)’

Edie Yvonne is back at it! An uber-talented 15-year-old Angelino popstar in the making, she’s now revealing her latest effort, the charismatic and fierce anthem ‘15 (When I Leave)’. Deeply personal and self-reflective, the song mirrors Yvonne’s personal experience. Now enrolling into high school, she’s faced with a nostalgic and perhaps painful end of an […]

Mark Howard Strives for a Simpler Life in ‘The Light Behind Us’

Packed with intensity and charisma, ‘The Light Behind Us’ truly fits the definition of anthemic. An alt-rock offering with a certain pop flair, the record is hard-hitting and electrifying, yet meaningful and uplifting, placing a lot of attention on its fierce and empowering lyricism. Aimed at everyone wanting a simpler, carefree existence, ‘The Light Behind […]

Eddie Cohn Shares Stripped Back Version of ‘Wave Goodbye’

Introduced by impressive vocal harmonies, ‘Wave Goodbye – Downtown Session’ soon embraces Eddie Cohn’s timeless vocals and acoustic guitar, initiating a nostalgic yet vibrant journey through fierce rock’n’roll and pop stylings, often reminiscent of late 90s anthemic AOR. Genre-identity aside, Cohn maintains the ability to pen intense, heart-shaking old-school bangers, the kind of track you’d […]

Alek Barkats Finds Comfort in Routine with ‘Jewels’

Something we particularly appreciate in ‘Jewels’ is its simplicity. A slice of lyrical authenticity and relatability, the track sees Alek Barkats doing what he does best, writing songs over an acoustic guitar, imagining his compositions as functional and meaningful nuggets, a snapshot of everyday life and common struggles captured by his receptive, expressive mind.  Soaring […]

Neodym and Sven Kuhlmann Assemble Euphoric EDM Banger ‘Good Times’

I truly couldn’t have asked for a better song to round up a busy week and get the weekend underway. ‘Good Times’ was released just a few hours ago, and we have Poznan-based rising music sensation Neodym to thank for it. Teaming up with renowned DJ Sven Kuhlmann, the duo has crafted a hard-hitting, vibrant, […]

Kelsey Blackstone Returns with Elegant Gem ‘Willow’

The keen reader might gladly remember Kelsey Blackstone, Boston-based songstress with a knack for soul and jazz-flavoured pop stylings. Writing about a previous single, ‘505’, we proudly declared: “Kelsey Blackstone manages to make pop music fun and inspiring again”. We stand by our words; her playful flair is even more evident in ‘Willow’ a track […]

Will Kelsey Crafts Hugely Infectious and Upbeat Tune ‘Hit Or Miss’

At just twenty-one years of age, Surrey-based singer/songwriter and producer Will Kelsey is an artist whose musical wisdom far exceeds his age. His latest release is a tune called ‘Hit Or Miss’, and it’s one of the most infectious and upbeat tracks I’ve been privileged to hear. Positive and full of life, the acoustically-led song […]

Andy Smythe Returns with Meaningful Song ‘Love Ain’t Free’

Not long ago, we were writing about ‘Poetry in Exile’, Andy Smythe’s latest album. Exploring its charming and organic character, we proudly defined it as a “collection of relatable and friendly pop gems”, something that’s ever more true today, as we and all listeners have time to digest the record and explore it deeply. Well, […]

Micheal Fordays Gears Up for Upcoming Album with ‘Can’t Stop’

Chaotic, fierce and uplifting: just some of the qualities packed in ‘Can’t Stop’. Introducing itself as a dazzling guitar-powered offering, angular and nuanced, the mood of the track subsequently lightens up once the vocals come in, here delivered with a decisively theatrical and playful quality. Penned by Micheal Fordays, the record feels elegant and intense, […]

Shyfrin Alliance Shares Timeless Single ‘Unconditional’

The keen reader might remember British outfit Shyfrin Alliance from ‘Whiskey Blues’, a record we described as “A euphoric, electrifying and charming offering”. Delving into blues-rock glory, the track spearheaded the artistic charge of Eduard Shyfrin, the project’s head honcho, particularly known for his evocative, raw vocals.  Now back with a new effort – ‘Unconditional’ […]

Jake Neuman and The Jaybirds Share Country EP ‘Little Bitty Town’

A slice of authentic Country flair, ‘Little Bitty Town’ is the sort of EP that closely follows tradition, taking the listeners back in time through engaging, honest storytelling and a primal, organic production free from any modern artifice. Evoking the ‘Bakersfield sound’ – a rawer, fuzzier current of Country music prominent in California between the […]