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Paulcito: “I’m not a fan of novelty lyrics generally…but I also don’t avoid novelty or joking around completely”

I don’t quite know where to begin when it comes to Rhode Island-based vocalist and composer Paulcito. When I first heard his latest album ‘MVP’, I wasn’t sure what I’d just experienced…but I knew that I was intrigued! Working alongside all-round music man Carl Dennis, Paulcito doesn’t just blend genres, he forges a distinct musical […]

Yannis Koser: “Music has become my refuge, my means of navigating through the ups and downs of existence”

Based in Brussels, composer and musician Yannis Koser came into my world last year when I first heard ‘Touch of Tenderness’. Emotive, moving, and soul-stirring, it was a piece of music that took me to an almost spiritual place. Yannis has since gone on to release another single in the form of ‘Forestrium’, and now […]

Alex Lievanos: Passionate, Aspiring, and Dramatic

‘She Waits’ is a relatively simple song; uplifting, nuanced and meaningful, it encapsulates the essence of Alex Lievanos’ songwriting. Relatable and approachable, the record finds its identity in modern pop with a touch of Folk stylings, while sharing a catchy chorus that we are confident will connect with a large audience out there.  Active for […]

Stuart Lawrence: “I’m not a perfectionist, very much a pragmatist, but when creating lyrics I cannot settle for anything random or meaningless”

As undoubtedly one of my favourite albums of last year, Stuart Lawrence’s ‘One’ was a record that just blew me away from start to finish. It was the very first time that the Fareham-based singer/songwriter had recorded any of his material, and I just knew that his debut record was the beginning of a promising […]

Cloud Ray: “I give each song the attention it deserves”

Hailing from the US, Cloud Ray has recently unveiled a brand-new single, ‘We Need’. It is not your standard run-of-the-mill pop track; rather, it’s a personal, honest and authentic dive into the dynamics of family relationships, a bold and empowering tale towards taking accountability for one’s environment and making changes for the better.  Cloud Ray […]

Peter Spacey: “For years I tried to define my musical/conceptual genre…And space was always there”

Above photo credit: Lior Alan Tel Aviv-based electronic producer and DJ Peter Spacey burst into my life when I first heard his smashing single ‘Summer Kite’. An upbeat, dreamy, and summery hit, I just couldn’t get the tune out of my head! I then dug a little deeper and discovered a rather prolific musician whose […]

Proklaim: “I am always honoured and humbled to note that someone has derived value from the material I am privileged to make”

Birungi Alexander Kiremire, better known as Proklaim, is a British-born, Namibian-based rapper and songwriter. It wasn’t long ago that I came upon his tune ‘RIGHTEOUS’ and was blown away by his lyrical prowess and overall creative flair. Diving a little deeper, I discovered a seriously gifted and mature artist, and knew it was time to […]

John Hynes: “I’m not trying to conform to some imagined ideal anymore”

John Hynes is an Irish singer/songwriter who recently put out his debut album called ‘A Man In Love’. Featuring nine carefully curated tunes, it’s a record that I have fallen completely in love with! Reminiscent of the timeless sounds of Roy Orbison or Glen Campbell, John’s work transports listeners to a bygone era while still […]