Robert LaRoche: “A good song can hit a nerve in each of us. Often in different ways. But it makes you feel. And that’s a beautiful thing”

I’ve been waiting patiently to share Massachusetts-based singer/songwriter Robert LaRoche’s new album with you and finally, the time has come! Simply entitled ‘Forevermore’, the ten-track album has been “spinning” in my flat for the better part of two weeks now. A truly beautiful collection of tunes, it’s been a wonderful experience discovering this gifted artist. […]

Steve Yanek: “ I dream of songs a lot, and that’s when I know the window is opening up”

Steve Yanek is an Americana singer/songwriter hailing from Pennsylvania who recently unveiled one of my favourite albums of the year. Serving as the follow-up to his critically acclaimed album ‘Long Overdue’, ‘September’ is a collection of tracks written over an eighteen-month period during the pandemic and the lockdown.  Inspired by some of my very own […]

Marshall Fassino: “At the end of the day, I want to be remembered for being an artist who put out emotionally honest and quality material into the world”

When I discovered Marshall Fassino’s brand new Tom Petty-esque single ‘What We’re Sold’, I was instantly on board with the Nashville-based musician! I then dug a little deeper into his discography and came across an artist who produces heart-on-sleeve and sincere music that deserves to be heard. Intrigued to find out a bit more about […]

Mama Blue: “We all need to be connected with our roots. That’s what makes us who we are”

Step into the intriguing and immersive world of Mama Blue, the musical project of Athens-based progressive artist Kate Bleboutzaki. Just the other day, I came across her latest tune ‘Mother Of The Night’, and I was completely swept up and absorbed in her unique, Balkan-inspired sound. I knew I had to find out more about […]

Could Be Ghosts: “We’re very eager to keep writing more collaboratively moving forward”

Emerging from Brighton, British city known for its fervent rock and indie scenes, could be ghosts enter the music landscape with charisma and rebellious force, offering a single that goes a long way in showcasing what they are about. ‘hollow heart’ contains hard-hitting poignancy, manifesting into a luscious emo character that perfectly fits our modern […]

Face Balian from Soul Chalice: “Making music in a lot of ways is me embracing my trauma”

Soul Chalice is a hip-hop fusion band hailing from Delaware in the USA. I’ll be honest…I only became familiar with their work when they recently released their latest full-length album, ‘Embracing Trauma’. What I found was an album unlike any I’d really heard before. A fusion of sounds, styles, and approaches that was just too […]

Wotts: “The best feeling is that moment in the creative process when something clicks and the idea just keeps gaining momentum”

Cards on the table…We’ve been following and loving the music of Wotts for quite some time now. Based in Ottawa, Canada, the indie-pop duo is made up of vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Jayem and bassist/guitarist Ricky 100. Known for their ethereal, dreamy, and hypnotising sound, we’ve been eager to get to know some more about the […]

Clare Easdown: “I feel one needs to have poignant life experiences in order to feed into what message one wants to express”

Clare Easdown is an artist whose work we have really come to love and appreciate over the last year or so. The Sydney-based vocalist and producer is seriously productive, and she’s released 19 singles already just this year! From ‘Injected‘ to her AI-generated gem ‘NOT READY TO DIE‘ and everything in between, we’ve been following […]


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