It is mesmerising, to find out the myriad of reasons people have for creating art.

In this section, you’ll encounter clarity and purpose, perhaps offering some inspiration for your own artistic journey.


Heff VanSaint: “My experiences as a queer person definitely inform a lot of my work”

Emerging from Scotland, Heff VanSaint could be described as a nostalgic indie hero, a talented artist re-discovering early ‘2000 indie vibes and blending them with modern elements. While growing up, you could often find her playing in local bands, rocking the Aberdeen live circuit with fierceness and pride, her queer identity standing out among the […]

Aura Davis: “You need to fall sometimes, to be able to learn and grow”

A prominent figure in the international music scene, you could describe Aura Davis as a globetrotter musician, a talented singer and songwriter not afraid to bring her artistry around the world. Based in Switzerland, Davis frequently travels to the UK, collecting a plethora of gigs that often see her performing with an acoustic guitar and […]

Marta Per: “I realised there was nothing else I enjoyed as much as music”

Making a name for herself on the London live scene, Marta Per is not only a skilled musician and performer, but also a refined artist in her own right. Boasting powerful vocals and an eclectic attitude, the talented Portuguese champions a personal blend of pop, jazz, soul and rock, all drenched in haunting and transformative […]

Rico Loma: “Once I learned to relax and go with what felt good, the writing process became more genuine”

Since discovering the best pop music around is our mission, we couldn’t ignore the work of Rico Loma. Emerging from Los Angeles, he’s been releasing a series of soothing, soulful gems capable of mesmerising the listener since the first listen. Debuting in 2019 and fresh from a rather long hiatus, Loma shares his latest offering, […]

Stellan Perrick: “No amount of satisfaction can give you happiness unless you are happy with yourself”

If we had to describe ‘NAUGHTY’ using only one word, we’d probably use ‘introspective’. That would be true both for its lyricism – an exploration of human consciousness and our deepest beliefs – and its sonic background, thanks to complex, dark and haunting electronic matter that fully highlights the peculiarity of Perrick’s vocals.  A talented […]

Ilan Bell: In Conversation

While opening his Spotify profile will make you think he’s a debuting artist, Ilan Bell is an already-established songwriter and composer, known for his soundtrack and production work. A respected figure in the industry, Bell decided to express his artistry in a more personal and authentic way. After a session with Grammy award-winning producer Paul […]

Underhill West: “It’s like your favourite childhood VHS movie from today’s point of view. Saturated but feels like home”

There’s an intriguing relatability in Underhill West’s artistic output. Perhaps it’s the poignancy contained in a lot of their tracks, or perhaps the punch and fierceness that glows from the duo’s eclectic musical approach. What’s crucial, is their ability to switch from anthemic pop to guitar-based grittiness in almost a heartbeat, creating a sapient mix […]

Green Rays: In Conversation

There’s not much you can write about ‘Green Rays’. Rather, you should listen. Such nuanced and researched musical material deserves to be experienced in its sonic form, tasting every note: from the kaleidoscopic arpeggios to the solemn, evocative vocals. Every instrument and every melody has its place, working together like clockwork to deliver a superb […]


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