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Dre Day 100 and Lucky Lou:  ‘F’N Up Pt.2’

Hip-hop from Austin, US. Rapping talents Dre Day 100 and Lucky Lou return with ‘F’N Up Pt.2’, an old-school flavoured banger, showcasing how they are still relevant and fully drenched in the best rap tradition. 

Returning to the craft after a long hiatus, the pair is now approaching the music scene again, carrying their signature witty and sleazy flow with them. Recorded by Charlie Roc, the track includes a certain lo-fi character, perhaps in an attempt to sound ‘retro’ and more akin to material released in the 90s. ‘F’N Up Pt.2’ also means to follow the original ‘F’N Up’ single, previously released by the two. A worthy discovery, give them some love. 

Discover ‘F’N Up Pt.2’ on Spotify: