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Spyderhuff: ‘The More That I Get’

Eclectic Funk from Detroit, US. Musical heroes Spyderhuff return on the scene with ‘The More That I Get’, an incredibly groovy and funky gem that blends late 90s funk rhythms with blues-flavoured guitars and spaghetti-western-style elements. The single is the completion of the Seven Deadly Sins project. Started last year, it saw Spyderhuff release a track for each sin, building an anthemic final EP which will encompass human nature and troubled behaviours. 

Boasting a collective-driven attitude, Spyderhuff makes use of talented musicians from all generations. In ‘The More That I Get’ you’ll hear Tom Kuhr (lead vocals, synth, banjo), Joey Gaydos Sr. (guitars), Joey Gaydos Jr. (keyboards), Don Beyer (bass, keyboards), Tony Mitchell (backing vocals, congas) Julie Noe (backing vocals) and Janet Swanson (lyrics).

Discover ‘The More That I Get’ on Youtube: