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DaeMarcus: ‘Take It Back’

Charming Alt-Pop from the US. DIY upcomer DaeMarcus shares his latest effort, the evocative and dreamy pop album ‘Take It Back’. In the record, DaeMarcus showcases his musical prowess and shares a glimpse of his creative process with his listeners, especially since he’s the only performer and producer on it. Inspired by a plethora of seminal acts such as Smashing Pumpkins and The Postal Service, ‘Take It Back’ sets out to be a deep and introspective work meant to evoke a sense of contemplation in its listeners. 

Sonically, the record focuses on the idea of moving forward and taking the next step in one’s life. However, each song in the album has its own unique character and purpose, making the entire body of work a diverse and engaging musical journey.

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