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The Sweet Darkness: ‘What If (A Dream of Reality)’

Alternative Pop from Germany. Eclectic outfit The Sweet Darkness shares its latest composition, the poignant and relatable song ‘What If (A Dream of Reality)’. The track is particularly crucial, being so emotional and slow-paced, almost inviting listeners into losing themselves in it. One part nostalgic, one part melancholia: that’s a formula we are confident will manage to gain The Sweet Darkness a wider following. 

Headed by singer and songwriter Gordon Gillette, The Sweet Darkness aim to explore the contemporary realms of pop music, not afraid to delve into niche territories or to put Gillette’s soothing vocals to use. A project in constant motion, as we are told: “the search for a distinctive style has not yet come to a final end.”

Discover ‘What If (A Dream of Reality)’ on Spotify: