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Industrial Rock from the UK. Haunting and rebellious noise outfit THORN shares his latest record, a gritty and raw industrial exploration inspired by nihilism and dooming self-beliefs. ‘ASHTRAY’ reveals a dark outlook, particularly echoed in the noisy production. Everything is drenched in poignant distortion, even the vocals, so creepy yet effective. 

Lyrically, the track is a “eulogy for an old friend, ASHTRAY JONES. It’s released in hopes that it brings comfort to others”. According to THORN, Jones was a passionate believer in the lack of reason in this world, and saw freedom in the lack of rules imposed by society. It is this fiery passion and unbridled creativity that sets THORN apart from his peers, and makes him a truly unique and captivating force in the world of music. – [Photo Credit: Ema Wiezik]

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