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Camens Share Bright Indie Jewel ‘Jacket Weather’

If we had to name a band on the brink of blowing up, it would probably be Camens. Hailing from Stoke-On-Trent, the British indie outfit has been on a rising path for more than a year, collecting national tours and a sizeable streaming audience. Evidence of the band’s relatability, their journey has now aided the release of an absolute gem, the epic and nuanced ‘Jacket Weather’. In it, the listener will find metaphorical and introspective lyricism, drenched in sleazy and light indie vibes, fuzzy distortions and a certain anthemic quality. 

With its upbeat and optimistic tone, the track transports listeners to a sun-kissed world of carefree happiness, where all problems seem to disappear. But, as the song progresses, it’s clear that Camens is not afraid to tackle the harsh realities of life. The fleeting nature of joy and the inevitable return of rainy weather is a theme that resonates with all of us, and the band manages to capture it perfectly.

With their punchiness and exuberant charge, Camens seek to wake up our senses: their music is a burst of colours transporting listeners to a world of joy and optimism. With ‘Jacket Weather,’ they’re adding to their growing reputation in the UK indie scene and proving that they’re a force to be reckoned with.

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