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Wild Horse Returns with Heart-Shaking Gem ‘Angles’

If you have been following us for a while, you might already know who Wild Horse are. In fact, you might be listening to them on a daily basis. And it wouldn’t be strange: the British trio has consistently delivered on all fronts, offering musical goodness that feels timeless, placed in modernity yet anchored to tradition. Take ‘Cougar’, for instance, a track we featured on the blog earlier this year. Charming and elegant rock, drenched in poignant and relatable lyricism. 

Now, Wild Horse returns with their latest effort, a fast-paced heart-shaking gem titled ‘Angles’. In it, the English talents explore the puzzles of love: should one reveal their feelings to their crush? Obsessing over the answer to that question, ‘Angles’ showcases the work of a clearly promising band. Looking forward to seeing them grow further in popularity! 

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