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Cloud Ray and Superlative Sain Perform in London, UK!

It’s been a while since we set foot in Brixton Jamm, but in hindsight, this was the perfect comeback. Both on an overseas trip, Cloud Ray and Superlative Sain were the subjects of our attention. Hailing from the US East Coast, the pair can be best described as holistic creatives, artists and entrepreneurs, building a community of like-minded people around them.

Let’s set the scene: London, Brixton. The Jamm is a place with a sort of quirky energy to it. On the punter, such an experience might feel intimidating at first, then leaving space for a veiled mischievous attitude late into the night. Called’ Mini Fest’, the event of the evening saw an impressive selection of American hip-hop and pop artists, with a few home-grown, London-based additions (for instance evocative songstress Shwa). 

We were pleased to meet Cloud Ray, rapper and singer with an eclectic, playful and fresh vibe. His set was next on the cards when we stepped into a charming-looking live room. Boasting a vibrant, dancy performance, he looked fully immersed in his energetic, fierce blend of pop and R&B, allowing the audience to come together through music-filled euphoria. 

The same can be said for Superlative Sain: he did not have any trouble transforming a seemingly empty room into a joyous party. Delving more into bouncy rhythms, afrobeat-flavoured stylings and tropical tones, Sain’s set felt like being in an uplifting club room. 

One thing that stood out from both Cloud Ray and Superlative Sain’s set is their ability to take control of the crowd, making sure to have all punters close to the stage, capturing their attention and getting everyone dancing. 

Hear hear! Cloud Ray and Superlative Sain have an upcoming single together… stay tuned! 


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