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Lullabee Set to Perform Live In London, on February 7th

Honestly, one of the best pop projects to appear on our pages in the past six months. British songstress Lullabee knows exactly how to deliver material that’s engaging, emotional, nuanced, and fragile, wrapped up in an elegant and sumptuous sonic livery. A quick listen to her recent releases, such as ‘Obsession’ and ‘Home’, will gracefully confirm it to you. 

Even more good news: she’s set to appear live in London, at The Star of Kings, on February 7th, alongside indie risers Wild Horse, melancholic power trio Bowen, and eclectic talent Nobody. 

This is what we wrote about her latest single, ‘Home’: “The young creative returns with an even stronger follow-up, ‘Home’. A slice of cinematic goodness, the record layers Lullabee’s sumptuous vocals with luscious orchestral matter, making for a decisively magical listening experience.” 

We stand by our words – that’s why you should come to her show. It’s worth it. Make sure to get a ticket for the show before they sell out (here).


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