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Wild Horse Set to Headline in London, on February 7th

Two brothers and their best mate.” Jack & Henry Baldwin and Ed Barnes are known to the British music scene as Wild Horse, an eclectic and euphoric indie trio with a knack for funk-flavoured grooves and bright electronic textures. The result is an exuberant stream of sonic goodness that wraps the listeners into a playful yet elegant mood. 

Imagine seeing them live! Lucky for you (and us), Wild Horse are set to headline The Star of Kings, in London, on February 7th, alongside melancholic power trio Bowen, elegant pop newcomer Lullabee, and eclectic talent Nobody. 

As they explain: “Like what putting on a new suit & pouring a long drink ready to go on a crazy night out!”. Writing about their latest record ‘Wednesday Night Distractions’ we proudly declared: “The perfect pick-me-up after the Christmas sleaze, the record showcases once again all the qualities that make Wild Horse such a hyped-up and praised project”.

Make sure to get a ticket for the show before they sell out (here).


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