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Leo Nazz: ‘Leo Nazz EP’

Americana and Folk from Melbourne, Australia. Talented singer-songwriter Leo Nazz Shares his latest (homonym) EP with us, a charming, introspective and evocative 5-track record with a knack for arpeggiated acoustic guitars, haunting tones and light drums. Crowning it all, the listener will be faced with Nazz’s vocals, boasting a raw and unfiltered tone able to fully deliver the poignant and epic material in his personal storytelling. 

Themes of love, grief and human connections: in a way, the EP is an almost autobiographical work, mirroring some of the most challenging times in its author’s life. Eventually though, you’ll be glad Leo decided to share it all with us: listeners will be able to relate and get some solace, comfort and resolution. 

Discover ‘Leo Nazz’ EP on Spotify: