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Camila Knight Returns with Poignant Pop Wonder ‘no need to say goodbye’

The keen reader might remember Camila Knight, London-based songstress whom we had the pleasure of writing about in the past. Following up on her previous debut EP ‘Uplifted’, the talented singer now returns with what feels like the beginning of a new chapter, the start of a journey that will ultimately bring us to her second EP. 

Camila’s new offering – ‘no need to say goodbye’ – is a definite step up, both in terms of production and songwriting. While the track is drenched in classy electronic and dreamy tones, her vocals are even more powerful than usual, delivering poignant lyricism right into the listener’s heart. Truly remarkable. Melodies are epic and memorable, especially in the chorus, a section where the song explodes into emotional sonic matter.

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