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I have been listening to music since I can remember: every genre, every artist, every edgy and niche subculture. 

I am a great listener: I take pride in discovering unheard gems, trying to connect with their authors.  


It never gets old, really… somehow, music keeps hypnotising us, surprising us, always, always offering something new. Must be some sort of magic. 

Paul Jorgenson Explores Global Sonic Realms

Our obsession with sonic experimentalism should be known to the keen reader – sharing a background in music, the people behind Mesmerized are always eager to get to know forward-thinking creative, pushing forward the boundaries of musical experience. Paul Jorgensen is part of such a category, a sapient and wise alchemist able to mangle sound […]

Silja Rós Unveils Stunning Gem ‘The way u…’

A soft, controlled, elegant dose of neo-soul artistry, ‘The way u…’ greatly showcases Silja Rós’ enchanting vocals, stunningly nuanced and complex in their tone, yet friendly and approachable in their delivery. Sonically, we are in slow-burn ballad territories; a luscious arrangement sees drums and electric piano sustaining a delicate horns section, providing three minutes and […]

Cécile Naïla Gifts the Listeners an Ethereal Experience

A stunning, bright and cathartic record, ‘Source’ showcases Cécile Naïla’s nuanced artistry in all its elegant and charismatic nature, embarking on a poignant and meaningful journey through folk stylings and relaxing textures and soundscapes. In fact, the album is part storytelling part ethereal dreaminess, an alchemy that seems to be working perfectly for the French […]

Matya Shares Rebellious Gem ‘Get Your Attention’

We have learnt to recognize good pop over the years. We are especially fans of eclecticism, dark tones and melodramatic extravaganza. ‘Get Your Attention’ fits all those boxes, making for a listening experience that’s bold and daring, nuanced and intense. Blending synth-pop tones with modern punk and shoegaze guitar riffing, the record manages to sound […]

Linda Sussman Returns with Album ‘Win or Lose’

The keen reader might recall reading about Linda Sussman in our publication. In fact, we have been following the American songstress for the past year or so, while she navigates elegant folk and pop realms with charisma and confidence. ‘Let Common Sense Prevail’ was a meaningful offering, showcasing Sussman’s deep lyricism and liberal philosophy.  Now, […]

Shawn Brown Shares Poignant Jewel ‘The Sad Ones’

Introduced by a gentle piano, ‘The Sad Ones’ flourishes on the back of Shawn Brown’s evocative, cathartic vocals, incredibly nuanced and soft, yet intense and meaningful. Slowly, the record builds a series of textures and orchestral elements, only to diligently grow into a full-band slice of anthemic pop. In fact, there’s a great deal of […]

Proklaim Shares New Amapiano Single ‘POPPIN’

Sleazy, luxurious, groovy and hard-hitting: ‘POPPIN’ is an actual banger, a slice of musical fierceness punching the listeners right in their face with a healthy dose of Amapiano extravaganza. In truth, ‘POPPIN’ embarks on a pretty eclectic path, a new feature for Proklaim, talented rapper with a long history of releases and mixtapes.  Channelling everything […]

Mary Ann Releases Alternative Pop-Rock Banger ‘Pressure’

Previously described by our very own Gabriel Mazza as “a voice to be reckoned with”, Porto-based singer/songwriter Mary Ann came crashing into our world with the release of her smashing debut single ‘Wake Up Call’. The tune has since gone on to garner over 24,000 plays on Spotify, and today, we are proud to introduce […]

SARIKA Ventures Into Country-Folk Territory on ‘Nightrunner’

Ever since the release of her debut EP ‘Right Place, Wrong Time’ last year, Boston-based folk-pop singer/songwriter SARIKA has been making a real name for herself in the industry. A self-proclaimed “nerdy-girl-turned-pop star”, SARIKA’s first release of 2024 sees her venture into country-folk territory, a very different avenue when compared to her previous single ‘California […]

Lunar Division Deliver Upbeat and Gritty Anthem ‘Young Lady’

Based in Oklahoma City, the alternative-rock act Lunar Division brings forth a rocky and infectious new single in the form of ‘Young Lady’. Filled with slick guitar riffs, upbeat drums, grungy bass lines, and the energetic vocals of Randy Mitchell, it’s a tune that’s been expertly crafted and assembled. Featuring one of the catchiest choruses […]

Chandra Returns with Fierce Anthem ‘I’ll Be There’

The keen reader might remember us writing about Chandra a few months ago, celebrating his single ‘Smile (No Fox Gibbon)’, declaring it as a “a friendly, accessible and relatable guitar-powered sound, sharing good vibes and euphoric energy with catchy and authentic songwriting”. Well, we stand by our words: the Bristol-based rocker is now back with […]

Twin Headed Wolf Return with Hypnotising Album ‘Altarwise’

A measured, nuanced and elegant offering, ‘Altarwise’ is extremely cathartic and hypnotising, wrapping the listeners with soothing, yet intense energy, often drenched in lyrical magic and a certain solemn character. Sonically, we are in the rawest folk settings, although, to be fair, one can identify a pinch of eclecticism, especially in the variety of arrangements […]