I have been listening to music since I can remember: every genre, every artist, every edgy and niche subculture. 

I am a great listener: I take pride in discovering unheard gems, trying to connect with their authors.  


It never gets old, really… somehow, music keeps hypnotising us, surprising us, always, always offering something new. Must be some sort of magic. 

Princeton Deals with Painful Loss in ‘Wanna Die’

Sometimes it’s good to stop, take a moment, and realize how we easily forget about the primary role of art and music: personal expression. We at Mesmerized do that sometimes, just because in the whirlwind of new releases it’s easy to lose sight of what a song really stands for. In the case of Princeton, […]

MAL Tell Us to Believe in Ourselves with Latest Effort ‘Come To Light’

If we had to describe MAL, we’d probably do it through an introspective stream of consciousness: we’d rather say how they make us feel. This is because the Van Nuys outfit champions a pretty unique artistic outlook, probably one of the most original acts we have heard lately. Sure, they deal in fuzzy guitars and […]

Electric High Returns with Fierce Rock Banger ‘Seven Wonders’

Keen on your daily dose of fierce rock’n’roll? Say no more! Mesmerized has found exactly what you need. Emerging from Norway, Electric High are one of the latest addition to the global panorama of nostalgic rock. You see, although you might argue that guitars are taking second place in today’s music landscape, there are still […]

Podge Lane Shares New Album ‘Common Country Misconceptions’

The keen reader will be already familiar with Podge Lane: the Cork-based creative has been a permanent fixture on our blog for the past couple of months. His bucolic yet uplifting folk style finds fertile ground in our music taste, we love a good storytelling action. And when it comes to storytelling, Podge Lane is […]

YAZ Share Reflective Record ‘Beauty Hidden in Pain’

Emerging on the London scene, YAZ is the latest band you should be obsessing about. Their musical recipe is rather simple, yet effective. Mellow indie-pop with rock undertones and meaningful lyricism. Delicate, sweet vocals evoke a strong sense of tranquillity, making the listening experience soothing and kind. Acoustic guitars, light drums and simple arrangements help […]

Roger Ricks Returns with Classic Rock Banger ‘What A Place’

The consequence of listening to Roger Ricks are many, but the most eye-popping is certainly the constant musical euphoria that will invade your body, magnetised by the project’s unfiltered energy and fuzzy guitars. ‘What A Place’ is the perfect example of that: built over an anthemic and epic drum beat, the track channels the best […]

Tedworth Finds a Glimmer of Light in ‘Going Under’

(Trigger Warning up ahead) – We feel very humble about sharing Tedworth’s latest single, ‘Going Under’. The piece is of crucial and meaningful relevance, describing a truly challenging time in its author’s life. Emerging from Appleton, US, Tedworth always felt drawn to music, being willing to sacrifice everything for it. Somehow, along the way he […]

Mono Martian Shares Latest Effort ‘Wicked Ways’

The classic and inspiring story of a drummer-turned-singer, Mono Martian is the latest example of how music and creative expression are a universal need, rather than a conscious choice. Feeling the need for pure, unfiltered storytelling, the Norwegian talent started his own project a few years ago, steadily pursuing an eclectic outlook on his music. […]

Jessica Woodlee Opens Herself Up in Poignant Jewel ‘By Now’

While her musical references might shift from release to release, Jessica Woodlee has her priorities straight: pursuing honest and authentic storytelling, looking for a sense of connection with the listeners which is ever more crucial in this day and age. The young American talent reminds us of that in her latest release, a stripped-back, acoustic […]

Guitar Hero Liv Crash Returns with ‘You Fool (Mad)’

The keen reader will happily remember Liv Crash, Italian guitar hero with a knack for funk-laced tunes and witty lyricism. We featured him on our pages not long ago, on the occasion of his fast-paced banger ‘Shakespeare Inspired The Boobs’, which we proudly championed: “a steady bass line underlines Liv Crash’s rhythmical guitar playing, while […]

Adam O’Rua Unveils Transformative Music Video for ‘Rainfall’

There’s a certain nostalgia in ‘Rainfall’, perhaps creeping in from the nuanced retro production, seemingly looking at the past with admiration and solemnity. We are certainly on board: the record is elegant, yet poignant and very relatable. Adam O’Rua’s vocals really work in the context, showcasing all of their evocative nature and dynamic range. Channelling […]

Salt Ashes Returns with Magnetising Offering ‘Heart Attack’

You’d be silly not to know Salt Ashes, by now. The London-based talent and creative powerforce has been steadily showcasing an unmatched ability to deliver contemporary pop gems, often drenched in alternative and unexpected productions. Boasting evocative and luscious vocals, Salt Ashes’ strong point lies not only in her convoluted lyricism but also in her […]


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