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Susy K – ‘Workin’

Soul Funk from Edinburgh, UK. Talented songstress Susy K announces her latest single ‘Workin’, a groovy, energetic and uplifting funk gem showcasing her vocal prowess. Featuring a charming and classic full-band arrangement, the piece floats in between mellow keys, horns sections, and a soulful drum part. Susy K’s engaging and luscious vocals crown the track, hypnotising the listeners with their wide range and perfect intonation. 

Emerging from Scotland, Susy K has made a name for herself with her soulful sound. ‘Workin’, speaks to a situation that many of us can relate to: when we like someone, but they don’t seem to notice us. The song reflects Susy’s realisation that it’s often better to focus our energies on those who appreciate and value us, instead of wasting time on those who play games.

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