Proklaim – ‘Runnin’

Boom-Bap from Namibia. Celebrated rapper Proklaim shares latest single ‘Runnin’, an old-school-flavoured banger with a haunting, dark character and intense, powerful rap. 

In a world saturated with trends and copycat artists, Proklaim stands out as a unique talent who speaks from the soul. Boasting a hard-hitting boom-bap beat, he goes on to warn the listener about the troubles with our modern world, especially people who act in bad faith. It’s clear that the up-and-coming rapper is an artist to watch, and fans of rap music should definitely check out this ambitious project. ‘Runnin’ is a testament to Proklaim’s talent and creativity, and a reminder to us all to stay true to ourselves and our passions.

Discover ‘Runnin’ on Spotify: 



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