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hyyypnos: ‘QUESTIONS’

Jungle and Electronica from Evansville, US. Producer and vocalist hyyypnos unveils his latest effort, a mesmerising 5-tracks EP with a soothing and sophisticated blend of hip-hop, Jungle rhythms, and hyper-pop / electronica influences. Titled ‘QUESTIONS’, the record ends up being an absolute banger. Fresh, edgy, quite daring in terms of sound design. We never heard anything quite like this. Hyyypnos treats his own vocal into a gooey, vocoder-like sauce, imprinting a strong styling signature to all his material. 

Speaking about the lyrical inspiration behind the songs, he explains: “I’ve always wanted to ask some people, but never had the chance to. So now they live permanently as tracks and soundscapes to remind myself that timing really is everything.”

Discover ‘QUESTIONS’ on Spotify: