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Daniel Dor: ‘Crab Nebula’

Mellow and Dreamy Art Pop from Tel Aviv. Eclectic and exuberant Israeli talent Daniel Dor shares his latest effort, ‘Crab Nebula’, an ethereal and lightly psychedelic offering with a knack for cinematic tones and Beatle-Esque sonic elements. Exploring different states of consciousness and the transformative effects of joy and hardships, the record is a rich and charming listening experience, one that we urge you to try for yourself. 

A consumed creative, Daniel Dor has been on the verge of stardom for several years, with his debut album ‘Rock Positive’ released in 2012. His latest EP, ‘Leaving Circumstances,’ received positive reviews and was compared to the work of Beck. Daniel has performed live in several countries and collaborated with artists such as Shye Ben Tzur and Oren Lavie.

Discover ‘Crab Nebula’ on Youtube: