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Adub Nati: ‘Emerging’

Boom Bap Hip-Hop from Cincinnati, US. Flow hero Adub Nati shares his latest EP, ‘Emerging’, an energetic, evocative and passionate record channelling old-school vibes and religious-inspired lyricism. Featuring 7 tracks, the record is a wonderful example of modern Boom Bap style, delivering music that’s a welcome throwback into the 90s, hip-hop’s glorious era. Soulful, groovy, dreamy: Adub Nati knows how to craft a charming beat. 

Lyrically, Adub raps about life and the growth we can all aspire to. It’s personal storytelling at its best, aiming to inspire listeners and offer advice for evolving into a better person. 

Discover ‘Emerging’ on Spotify: