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Shane Rennison Gears Up for Debut Album with Infectious Single ‘All the Scars’

New York-based singer/songwriter Shane Rennison is an artist who has been seriously impressing us this year! First, it was his poignant gem ‘Irrational’, a tune that we labelled a “decisively elegant and gentle anthem,” and then he delivered the soul-stirringly beautiful ‘I Think It’s You’. Now, Shane returns with a brand new single in the form of ‘All the Scars’, a sonically upbeat and infectious track that showcases another side to Rennison’s artistry.

Investigating the profound theme of insecurity, and drawing from personal experience, Shane explores the influence of past events on present interactions. “It’s a story of when I first moved to New York City,” he says. I was around new people in a new place and yet I was still plagued by my insecurities rooted in the past”.

Rennison states that he was all set to release his debut album at the end of last month, but fell in love with ‘All the Scars’ and thought it deserved its own moment in the spotlight. We couldn’t agree more! 

An exceptional little song from a hugely gifted musician, ‘All the Scars’ sets the scene perfectly for Shane’s forthcoming album, an album that we simply cannot wait to hear in full! 

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘All the Scars’ on Spotify now:


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