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Shane Rennison Unveils Poignant Gem ‘Irrational’

Drenched in relatable lyricism and personal experience, ‘Irrational’ seeks to explore the troubling water of an ending relationship, and the longing call for a positive resolution. Sounds familiar? We thought so. Penned by American creative Shane Rennison, the song is decisively elegant and measured, built upon indie and folk stylings with a certain bucolic flair. 

Hailing from the wilderness of Upstate NY, Rennison is pretty authentic and organic in his approach to music, resembling an old-school troubadour with his peculiar aesthetic and songwriting. That doesn’t stop him from being pretty contemporary in his musical catalogue, something that’s been paying off. ‘Irrational’ is the strongest evidence of that, a gentle anthem that’s vibrant and nostalgic. 

Speaking about the inspiration behind the song, Shane explains: “This song is about when your partner overreacts to a situation and ultimately acts “irrationally”, doing more harm than good. You try to be there for them but we’re all our own worst enemy in the end”.

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