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International Collective Kitty Kant Collective Deliver ‘Compilation Vol. 1’

English musician and producer Brian Eno once said that every collaboration helps one grow. In that spirit, please give a warm welcome to Kitty Kant Collective, an international music collective of artists and friends scattered all over the world. United under the banner of Solarpunk, a movement that envisions and works toward actualising a sustainable future interconnected with nature and community, Kitty Kant Collective merges its artistic visions to create a soundtrack for a better tomorrow.

We begin with ‘On the Outside’ courtesy of Czechia-based The Winter Sounds and Colorado outfit Cloud Physics. An ethereal and dreamy offering, it provides the perfect platform for the listener to embark on a sonic journey of hope and renewal.

Track three, ‘Memory Fades’, once again features The Winter Sounds, this time teaming up with Turkish and Estonian act Dizlerim Küpsis. It’s another absolutely stunning tune – deeply hypnotic and immersive.

‘Harsh and Unmusical’ is an eight-minute epic featuring Dizlerim Küpsis and Cloud Physics, and it’s a song that truly pushes the envelope of auditory exploration.

Other acts on the album include Batty Fraud Clinic (Sweden), Heights and Hollows (USA), Pink Soda (USA), and Reverse Machine (Azerbaijan and Estonia). An extremely captivating record, the compilation exemplifies the boundless creativity of collaboration.

Serious album alert! Enjoy ‘Compilation Vol. 1’ on Spotify now:


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