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Shane Rennison Pens Genuine and Soul-Stirring Beauty ‘I Think It’s You’

‘I Think It’s You’ is, without a doubt, one of the best tunes I’ve heard all year. Let me just put that out there. Courtesy of New York-based singer/songwriter Shane Rennison, the soul-stirring anthem is an enchanting offering that blends indie-pop with a little rock, hip-hop, and even some reggae essence thrown in for good measure.

A haunting reflection of the complexities within relationships, ‘I Think It’s You’ navigates the anguish of uncovering that the true problem lies in a partner’s faults rather than with oneself. “After years of futile attempts to mend what’s broken, the stark truth emerges,” says Shane. “Leaving behind a bittersweet symphony of acceptance and resilience”.

We actually fell in love with Rennison’s previous single ‘Irrational’ not long ago, and labelled it “a gentle anthem – vibrant and nostalgic”. ‘I Think It’s You’ further enhances the artist’s reputation as an exceptional songwriter and storyteller, and we can’t wait to hear more of what he has to offer.

The best news is that we won’t have to wait too long for that, as Shane plans on releasing his debut full-length album on the 28th of next month. Bring it on we say!

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘I Think It’s You’ on Spotify now:


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