It is mesmerising, to find out the myriad of reasons people have for creating art.

In this section, you’ll encounter clarity and purpose, perhaps offering some inspiration for your own artistic journey.


Jameson Tabor: In Conversation

‘In the Glove’ is the latest single from Los Angeles-based artist and producer Jameson Tabor. A driving and hard-hitting pop-funk tune, ‘In the Glove’ serves as the follow-up to Tabor’s exceptionally well-received single ‘Touch’. Synth-laden hooks, a seriously funky bass, and unique key changes are the order of the day here, as Tabor creates a […]

Sean Kennedy: In Conversation

From a young age, Sean Kennedy found in music the sweetest of companionship, slowly learning the trade and evolving into a fully-fledged artistic entity. Now, the New York-based musician returns with his latest gem, ‘Memory’, a country-pop number with a knack for emotional lyricism and catchy melodies. A collaboration with Italian producer Francesco Massidda, the […]

The Velvoids: In Conversation

A project long in the making, The Velvoids are one of those enlightened ensembles able to create musical wizardry from a few, simple elements. Veterans of the international shoegaze and art-rock scene, the group was founded all the way back in 2003 in Athens, Greece, going through a series of line-up changes and hiatus before […]

Ringo Harrison: “I imagine music I’d like to hear and try making it a reality”

Showcasing his ability to draw the listener into a fictional yet poignant sonic universe, American musician and producer Ringo Harrison shares his latest single ‘The Paradigm Shift’, a nostalgic and icy instrumental piece navigating at a slow pace, while comforting piano notes accent the emotional nature of the composition.   The record seeks to start an […]

Single By Sunday: In Conversation

“We’ve proved that we have the resilience to keep going” Single By Sunday They have been around a while, and the journey hasn’t always been easy, but Scottish pop-punk outfit Single By Sunday feels as creative as ever. Surviving a malicious rumour about a band member, the group is back in full force, showcasing the […]

Diamond Blacc: “I have personally learned the importance of consistency, faith and taking life one day at a time”

You might be mistaken in considering Diamond Blacc just another rapper. Emerging from Philadelphia, the American talent engages in a holistic artistic perspective on his art, seeking to inspire, uplift and empower. Debuting in 2020, Blacc has so far showcased the ability to innovate, by writing hip-hop gems with eclecticism and refined taste. It paid […]

Ona Tzar: “I often think of myself as more of a visual artist, painting with sounds”

Calling London her home, but constantly in motion, Ona Tzar is a multi-faceted independent artist, producer, singer, creative director and performer. A truly committed innovator, she takes charge of her creative process in full, an ability that makes her able to output highly unique and personal material. In a sense, Ona Tzar’s music is not […]

For The Ages: “A lot of ‘Mythic Bounty’ was written sitting under a tree in Richmond”

Hailing from Buckinghamshire, For The Ages is a duo composed of young musicians and songwriters Tim and Alex. Sharing a common passion for good music, sapient storytelling and melodious vocals, the group has been releasing a plethora of singles exploring folk-rock and pop territories, constantly enhancing the quality of their output. The group’s latest effort […]


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