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Pjos: “I have a strong connection to dreamy and ethereal sounds”

Hailing from Poland, Pjos makes the sort of dreamy, new wave and lo-fi music we passionately love. ‘Atlas’ is the strongest evidence of that: a hazy, nostalgic and melancholic gem that wraps the listeners in mysterious tones and smokey sonic goo. The result is a vibrant, unforgettable sonic experience, one that feels cathartic and nuanced.  […]

Chloe Mayse: “Don’t give up on something that you are passionate about”

Chloe Mayse is a Toronto-based singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist of half-Irish and half-Chinese-Trinidadian descent. Today, she dropped her brand new single ‘HIGH SCHOOL’, a tune she describes as her “coming out” song. It’s an exceptional piece of indie-pop brilliance that we couldn’t be more proud to share with you. Keen to learn more about the talented […]

Joyce Tratnyek: “When I find the perfect rhyme, chord, or drum part, there’s something so satisfying about that”

Cards on the table…We’ve loved Joyce Tratnyek since the very beginning! Originally from Portland but now based in New York City, she’s an artist who leans into the dream-pop and shoegaze genres with aplomb. Her debut album ‘Solastalgia’ was released earlier this year – a record that we quickly labelled as bold, audacious, and truly […]

Wotts: “Never be afraid to mix it up when it comes to process, it can really make things interesting”

It’s been a while since we last caught up with Wotts, one of our favourite indie-pop duos from Canada. Comprised of vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Jayem and bassist/guitarist Ricky 100, the pair has gifted us some of the dreamiest and most inviting tunes, which we’ve had the privilege of sharing with you. Today, Wotts dropped ‘Laundry’, […]

JRTA: “I feel like I have zeroed in on my sound”

Based in South Carolina, JRTA is an up-and-coming artist and multi-instrumentalist who recently caught my attention with his haunting new single ‘One More Toke’. As one of the most open and honest musicians I’ve come across recently, JRTA brings a raw authenticity to his sound, immersing listeners in a world of introspection and vulnerability. Desperate […]

Nadine Randle: “Just because a song has millions of streams does not make it good”

Expanding my musical horizons is Nadine Randle, a rising artist with dual citizenship in the UK and Sweden. Working alongside renowned music producer Aqcora, her latest single ‘Wings’ is one of the most infectious and uplifting tunes I’ve heard all year. Growing with confidence with each new release, Nadine is a musician to keep an […]

Kayla Oh: “I truly believe in the work that I do”

Packed with fragility and poignancy, ‘Self Defense’ is impressively cathartic for such a young artist. Only 20, Kayla Oh showcases a big songwriting maturity, together with her ability to create soothing, evocative melodies that perfectly match her luscious vocal tone. Built on alt-folk and gentle pop stylings, the track flourishes from a rich, orchestral arrangement […]

Richie Harrison: “It sort of feels like therapy for me…making music…I absolutely love it”

Based in Newcastle upon Tyne, Richie Harrison is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who would watch John Denver videos instead of cartoons as a kid. Apart from his solo work, he’s also in a punk-rock band called TNCS, so it’s safe to say he’s got a rather diverse musical palette. Intrigued to find out more about […]