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The Pulltops Deliver the Goods Again on Latest Single ‘Here We Are’

We’ve been keeping tabs on The Pulltops for a while now. The Milwaukee-based duo of Mark Pierret and Tom Crowell keep on impressing with every new tune they put out, and today I’d like to introduce you to their latest ‘Here We Are’. A bright and anthemic rock track, it sees the pair mixing alternative and country rock with a little power-pop to concoct yet another irresistibly catchy song. That’s the beauty of The Pulltops; they’re always exploring, but at the same time, maintaining that signature sound I’ve come to adore.

Speaking to the meaning behind ‘Here We Are’, Tom explains that, “the underlying theme of overcoming life’s challenges that weaves its way through many of our songs remains here. But it also cautions us that while what doesn’t kill us may make us stronger, it is sometimes at a cost”. Serving as a reminder that the journey itself is often more significant than the destination, The Pulltops once again showcase their masterly storytelling abilities.

Finding myself beginning to run out of superlatives to describe the duo, it might just be best for you to read our interview with Mark and Tom! They’re two artists of the highest order, and it’s always a pleasure championing their work!

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Here We Are’ on Spotify now:


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