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Holly Blair Reflects on Modernity in ‘Used to Dying’

It’s easy to forget the immediate healing effect of music; an immovable and invisible cathartic force instantly connecting with our deepest consciousness. Such an effect is not common to every record. In the case of Holly Blair, it is a staple of her music. ‘Used to Dying’ is the strongest evidence of that – built over an eclectic blend of modern pop and indie matter, the track feels dynamic and fresh, wrapping Blair’s vocals into a hypnotising spacious goo, all while a myriad of textures pops off around them. 

Framing the unwavering sense of unsettlement so common in the contemporary, the LA-based songstress embarks on metaphorical lyricism and tech-inspired abstraction, especially focusing on the many questions about AI’s future. 

As Blair explains: “The world we are living in is so rapidly changing and so many things about the way we live feels so counterintuitive, and I think a lot of people are feeling that right now in the current climate. On a subconscious level, I think the song is really about the feeling of not understanding the structures we are encouraged to live within, especially within Western culture.” 

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