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Joshua Lloyd Debuts with High-Energy Record ‘I’m Wasted, Now Welcome to the Show’

Apart from being a contender for “Album Title of the Year”, ‘I’m Wasted, Now Welcome to the Show’ is also a rather remarkable musical achievement from a highly gifted singer/songwriter, MC, and producer. Based in London, Joshua Lloyd shakes off his inner demons and rises above personal challenges through sixteen deeply personal and eclectic tunes.

Penned in support of mental health, Lloyd’s record incorporates elements of alternative and punk rock with hints of rap and bits of electro thrown in for good measure. It’s a real melting pot of sonic influences, resulting in one of the most honest, diverse, and dynamic albums I’ve heard in a while. 

‘Title Track’ gets things up and running with a dark and eerie guitar riff before Joshua’s MCing prowess comes to the fore. Then things get rocky and anthemic, before finally bringing us back down to earth. ‘Heartless’ gives off heavy Blink-182 vibes, while ‘Clark’ brings to mind a medley of classic 90s punk acts. Superb!

A musician who has found a way to channel his struggles into a compelling and energetic musical narrative, Joshua Lloyd is an artist deserving of a wider audience. We’ll do all we can to make sure that happens!

Serious album alert! Enjoy ‘I’m Wasted, Now Welcome to the Show’ on Spotify now:


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