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SØUNDHOOSE Explore Mental Health on Punchy Rock Album ‘CRANIOTØMY’

The keen reader might recall a recent interview we did with alt-rock upcomers SØUNDHOOSE. In it, we got to know the three talented Americans, passionate musicians committed to their craft and pushing forward with their artistry. ‘Loner’ was their single at the time, an engaging blend of electronic matter and rock tropes. Now, the group is back with what feels like the beginning of a glorious chapter. ‘CRANIOTØMY’ is the band’s latest album, a long and impressive collection of tracks that fully showcase what SØUNDHOOSE stand for. 

Channelling a wide range of influences, from gritty punk-rock to mellow indie formulas, the Californian group exhibits a sound that’s often on the verge of lo-fi, only to then go all-out on an anthemic, electronic-infused banger. The energy is raucous and rebellious: punchy, fast-paced drums join fuzzy guitars on a journey to rock Olympus. Notably, vocals always find a comfortable space in the arrangement and mix, making SØUNDHOOSE a rather approachable and relatable act. 

Lyrically, ‘CRANIOTØMY’ seeks to “launch a rock’n’roll assault” on the stigma and ignorance that surrounds mental health issues. That’s a pivotal theme for SØUNDHOOSE, taking what is still very often a taboo subject, and boldly bringing it to the forefront of public discourse. The goal? creating a safe community where fans can openly express their struggles with depression and anxiety, finding solace and comfort in the band’s music. 

A stunning and meaningful effort by SØUNDHOOSE, putting themselves on the map as a relevant musical entity. Recommended! 

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