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Roni Dot Shares Empowering Message in ‘Wake Up’

If we had to describe Roni Dot, we’d say she’s a pop connoisseur, a clearly talented artist navigating the realm of popular music with flair and charm. Having championed music for the most part of her life, the Israeli-Born, Netherlands-based creative has showcased a knack for poignant and cinematic melodies, often drenched in alternative and witty production. Now, Roni Dot returns with a brand new offering, the haunting, electro-flavoured gem ‘Wake Up’. 

The record shuffles the project’s cards a fair bit, delivering fuzzier and darker sonic material, perhaps taking a step towards further artistic growth. For us, it all works very well. Dot’s luscious and dynamic vocals are a perfect match for the track’s arrangement, capturing the listeners into a cosmic and hypnotising musical journey. 

Lyrically, ‘Wake Up’ share a message of self-awareness, urging us all to pay attention to the people we love. Inspired by a former relationship, Roni Dot explains how she “kept asking to be seen, to be really listened to, feeling like my words were meaningless” – perhaps lost to today’s stream of constant information in our phones, tablets and computers. Listeners worldwide will resonate with the lyrical matter, a crucial point in the contemporary landscape. 

This is a wonderful and inspiring song by Roni Dot, who reminds us of the beauty and power of authentic connection, and the ways in which even the smallest moments of presence and attentiveness can make all the difference.

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