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Jun Parker Goes Philosophical on Retro-Pop Jewel ‘Dancing in the Dark’

We’ll never forget easily about Jun Parker: Debuting last year with the stunningly elegant City Pop offering ‘つつまれながら(Embracement)’, he instantly captured our attention with a unique sound and identity. Safe to say, we have been following him ever since. ‘Say Goodbye’ confirmed his prowess for retro-flavoured material, exploring all the Japanese pop traditions from the 80s. ‘Dancing in the Dark’ – Parker’s latest effort – is the ultimate push: Jun is here to stay, doing so with a nuanced and refined outlook on the past. 

Powered by Japanese synth-pop legend Seiki Sato, the track shuffles the cards by jumping head-on into electronic pop, birthing a piece that would feel at home in 80s charts. It doesn’t stop there though: Parker and Sato also deliver a hypnotising ‘cosmic’ energy, mostly thanks to synth sweeps and celestial tones. What comes out of it is an exquisitely catchy gem, a must-listen for any retro lover (as we are). 

Lyrically, Jun draw inspiration from Plato’s philosophy, especially from his famous allegory of the cave. ‘Dancing in the Dark’ invites the listener to contemplate the nature of reality itself. As the protagonist of the song grapples with the illusions cast by the shadows on the wall, the truth of reality becomes obscured. The man and woman bound by chains in the cave represent the limitations that can bind us in life, and the protagonist must decide whether to face the harsh truth of reality or continue to be comforted by the shadows.

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