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MILYMA Unveils Visionary Album ‘Only lovers left a lie’

MILYMA left quite a strong impression on our artistic conscience. Writing about her a few months ago, we proudly declared: “Pushing the boundaries of modern music, the Swiss-based wizard seeks to scramble the relationship between pop and electronica.” The project is truly unique and authentic, a sign of maturity and artistic enlightenment. Simply, MILYMA follows her own path, not engaging in trends or hopeless formulas. It all seems to be working out extremely well, as her latest album ‘Only lovers left a lie’ so proudly showcases. 

Whatever you might think there’s in it, there is not. You cannot predict such a genre-bending and abstract flow of ethereal electronica. You can only surrender to it; you’ll lay defenceless while committing to the record’s unwavering creative force. Episodes such as ‘Summerwhisper’ illustrate that perfectly. Layering quirky digital matter with angelic vocals and spacious harmonies, the track feels like a fuzzy yet soothing sonic puzzle, pasting together 30 years of music tradition with contemporary flair and incredible detail. 

Intense: that’s a word that quickly comes to mind while examining such an extensive album. With its anthemic character, ‘Only lovers left a lie’ is not afraid to bounce from eerie, ominous tones to mellower and delicate textures, (particularly evident through the use of complex and multi-part vocal harmonies). A visionary soul in an industry that’s long lost its daring aura, MILYMA deserves your attention, and perhaps your loyalty too. She sure has ours.

Speaking about the album, she explains: “It is about processing the layers of a breakup and heartbreak. I hope I can touch people who align with those feelings of loss but also in making space for new relationships, and making space for yourself.”

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