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Diana Goldberg Shares Moving Single ‘Alleviate’

A quick flick through the YouTube comments under ‘Alleviate’ will reveal how meaningful the acoustic version is for its listeners. A soothing slice of emotional softness, the record sees Diana Goldberg engaging in a poignant and almost cathartic exploration of human fragility, remembering a painful memory involving a family member. 

Built on immersive layers of grand piano and orchestral elegance, ‘Alleviate’ rejoices from Goldberg’s evocative and majestic vocal tone, incredibly malleable yet strong and resonant. Not far from the song’s studio version, way more anthemic and electrifying, while still sharing the same emotional energy as its acoustic counterpart. 

Based in Berlin, the talented songstress manages to craft a piece that’s truly moving, not just for its deep lyricism but also for its passionate musical interpretation. Speaking about the inspiration behind such a jewel, Diana explains: “A lot of people go through family struggles, and I really hope that other people listening to this and going through the same thing can find some comfort. Music is healing, so I wanted to alleviate him from his pain, hold him and tell him everything would be alright.” 

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