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MILYMA Returns With Futuristic Gem ‘It and You’

There’s a reason why MILYMA defines her artistry as ‘experimental’. Pushing the boundaries of modern music, the Swiss-based wizard seeks to scramble the relationship between pop and electronica, penning pieces that feel familiar yet refreshing, intense yet immensely light. It’s a triumph of the senses: hit by a myriad of diverse musical references and a cathartic frequencies bath, the brain is bound to rejoice and feel stimulated, making for a transformational listening experience. 

‘It and You’ is the project’s latest effort, a charming journey into mellow hyper-pop soundscapes and malleable electronic beats, all coming together under the guide of MILYMA’s evocative and futuristic vocals. A producer, songwriter and overall creative, she’s one of the more relevant and hard-hitting artists we have heard lately. 

Speaking about the inspiration behind the single, she explains: “It’s about self-empowerment and liberation from toxic relationships through the profound strength that can be found in doing something you love – it can give you a certain balance and can give you emotional independence.”

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