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Live Wire Shares Electrifying Single ‘All In Good Time’

Fierce and electrifying, ‘All In Good Time’ takes the listeners by the jacket, materialising them into Live Wire’s musical bonanza, a place of fast-paced rock’n’roll grooves and sneaky yet elegant lyricism. Trying to find its styling roots is quite intriguing, as the record is certainly modern – as showcased in the punk-flavoured punch and hard-rock tones – while engaging in classic r’n’r tropes – for instance, distortions are never too sharp and heavy, and the occasional saloon piano helps the post-chorus section comes to life. 

Also, guitars never overpower the vocals, leaving ample space for Live Wire’s vocalist Alfie Thompson. His clear and charismatic tone perfectly matches such a vivid instrumental background. The section just before the majestic guitar solo –  sort of a bridge – smells like Oasis, especially their 2000’s records (‘Shock of a Lightning’ anyone?). 

It’s clear that the talented Peterborough-based group functions as a sponge; borrowing references from here and there, from different decades, then pasting it all together in an eclectic and uber-powerful formula. Cheers to that, peeps. ‘All In Good Time’ is a truly fantastic record. 

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