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Lisabel Shares Poignant and Heart-Warming Gem ‘End of The Line’

The keen reader might remember London-based songstress Lisabel from ‘Mar My Mind’, described by us as “a soulful nugget of happiness”. Now, the Italian creative leaves neo-soul and R&B behind in favour of a more intimate alt-folk and pop sound, embracing nuanced poignancy and meaningful lyricism in the heart-warming ballad ‘End of The Line’. 

It is a rather simple track, yet incredibly hypnotising and evocative. Built on a slow-tempo, piano-powered arrangement, the single grows in intensity as it goes on, delivering emotional choruses that would make Celine Dion jealous. Crowning it all, we find Lisabel’s stunning vocals, here showcasing her high-grade musicianship and songwriting prowess. 

There’s a reason why she’s one of the best vocalists around, and ‘End of The Line’ will gladly confirm it. Boasting unmatched control and disarming charisma, the Italian-born creative steals the listener’s attention by initiating an introspective and nostalgic journey into an ageing relationship. As she explains: “This song is an ode to love, in its simplicity, it stirs deep emotions of devotion and pure happiness in a relationship that isn’t young and fresh anymore but still brings butterflies”.

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