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Giuseppe Grondona Teams Up with Lisabel to Deliver Soulful Gem ‘Mar My Mind’

You might not agree with us, but personally, we believe that true and expert musicianship is hard to come by these days. Technology has empowered everyone into building evocative and complex electronic productions, leaving little space for human-made magic. Well, we found a record that proves the opposite: talented musicians are still around. ‘Mar My Mind’ is the strongest evidence of that, a luscious and sleazy journey into neo-soul and R&B. A soulful nugget of happiness, the record is the result of a blessed collaboration between London-based, Italian-born drummer Giuseppe Grondona, singer-songwriter Lisabel and keyboardist and producer Nikola Kovačević.

The trio packs a literal punch, with nuanced and breakbeat-flavoured drum grooves stacked against a rather ethereal keyscape and piano work. Lisabel’s smooth and expressive vocals crown the track with charm and gravitas, allowing the song to reach heavenly territories. Notably, ‘Mar My Mind’ was first born out of Grondona’s loop-powered experiments, often infused by an appreciation for hip-hop, neo-soul and everything in between. 

The results are absolutely stunning, showcasing the majestic artistry enjoyed by the very compelling trio. Speaking about the track’s lyricism, Lisabel explains: “The song was inspired by personal experience, recounting challenges that turned a relationship into something even stronger, more intimate and pure.”

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