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The House Flies Share Debut Album ‘Mannequin Deposit’

An album packed with nostalgia and gloomy, melancholic vibes, ‘Mannequin Deposit’ configures itself as a triumph of spacious guitars, chaotic drums and noisy textures, the perfect recipe for a project that takes pride in its shoegaze and post-punk explorations. Hailing from Illinois, The House Flies shares their debut album, a nuanced and meaningful, hard-hitting record with tons of introspection and leftfield material. 

Some of the album’s tracks might be already familiar; The House Flies gave the world a glimpse of their hypnotising character with last year’s ‘Glimmer EP’. ‘Mannequin Deposit’ expands that very same narrative, doubling down on colossal slow-tempo anthems, such as ‘Twilight Eyes’ or ‘Apple’. Guitar distortions are abstract and fuzzy, often drenched in a sea of reverb and delays. Interestingly, the basslines remind us of slightly more new wave matter, the likes of The Cure or Cocteau Twins. 

Vocals are dark and obscure, mirroring the sonic environment they boldly crown. Alex Riggen, Nick Pompou and Ozzie Woods form a clearly well-oiled lineup, taking The House Flies’ music to a wider audience – deservedly so. 

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