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Harpa Returns with Stunning Ballad ‘Leave Me Behind’

Nottingham-based singer/songwriter Harpa came crashing into my world earlier this year when she released her incredible single ‘Shrink‘. I fell in love with her sound and voice, and I’m now proud to share ‘Leave Me Behind’ with you, the artist’s brand new tune. A piano-driven and emotional journey, the short, heartfelt ballad serves as a deeply personal piece for Harpa, as she says farewell to her scared, defensive, and angry younger self. “‘Leave Me Behind is a letter to myself,” she says. “Or, rather, the past version of me saying goodbye to my present self – telling her she’s safe now”.

I’ve mentioned Harpa’s storytelling prowess before, but it bears mentioning one more time. With her meaningful, thoughtful, and genuine lyrics, the musician delicately transports the listener into her fragile world. I think it’s the honesty that stands out to me most really…She’s just so authentic! 

‘Leave Me Behind’ marks Harpa’s fourth single to date, and it showcases an artist who raises the bar and enhances her songwriting ability each time she releases something new. Is there anything better than discovering an artist, falling in love with their music, and knowing that there’s more to come? It’s kind of what I live for if I’m being honest!

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Leave Me Behind’ on Spotify now:


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