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Harpa Stays True to Herself on Latest Single ‘Shrink’

‘Shrink’ is the ridiculously good new single from a Nottingham-based singer/songwriter known only as Harpa. The piano-driven piece sees the musician exploring the changes she made to herself in order to find love. Eventually rejecting the idea for all the right reasons, Harpa finds peace and comfort through her own words. When it comes to the tune’s chorus, Harpa unleashes all that she has, in a crunchy, rocky, and seriously powerful fashion. Then, instantly, we are returned to the beautiful sounds of a delicate piano and the artist’s stunning and emotive vocals.

“‘Shrink’ encapsulates everything I’ve felt obligated to be in order to be more agreeable to men,” says Harpa. “At the same time, it’s a big f*** that”! Not just an exceptional songwriter, the musician is also a storyteller of the highest order, and it’s this combination that has seen her stock in the music industry rise so rapidly. 

Currently signed to DooBeDoo Music, Harpa is an artist who’s unquestionably gifted. ‘Shrink’ is just superb in every way, and I’ve fallen in love with her voice. I have no doubt we’ll be hearing a lot more from Harpa in the very near future!

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Shrink’ on Spotify now:


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