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Colin Woltmann Marks Solo Comeback with Charming Gem ‘The In-Betweens’

Colin Woltmann entered my musical sphere earlier this year when he teamed up with fellow Alabama-based artist Heath Fogg to release an incredible album under the name Lake Nakoma. Today, however, I’d like to introduce you to ‘The In-Betweens’, Colin’s folky new single and first solo effort since his 2021 debut album ‘Brown Recluse’. A short and charming little ditty that brings to mind the likes of Elliott Smith and Jose Gonzalez, what the tune lacks in runtime it more than makes up for with introspective depth and poignant storytelling. Soothing, inviting, warm, and simply superb! 

Addressing the thematic essence of ‘The In-Betweens’, the musician lays his cards on the table. “I have felt stuck in a weird place most of my life, and like I’ve never really fit in anywhere,” he says. “This song reflects that feeling of being lost in the in-between, neither here nor there”. It’s a timely reminder of that sense of limbo felt by many, especially around this time of the year, and given the current state of the world.

I have fallen completely in love with Colin’s latest release. It’s one of the most beautiful and delicate tracks I’ve come across all year, and can’t wait to hear ‘A Case of the Times’, Woltmann’s upcoming EP that should be out in early 2024!

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘The In-Betweens’ on Spotify now:


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