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Jacob Jimenez Emerson Releases Outstanding Pop Ballad ‘Sandy Reef’

Is it just me, or are we wrapping up the musical year on an extremely high note? Contributing to this feeling is Jacob Jimenez Emerson, a Las Vegas-based singer/songwriter and composer who recently put out his sophomore single ‘Sandy Reef’. Serving as the follow-up to ‘Butterfly’, his tender debut released in January, the tune sees Jacob assembling a sentimental pop ballad of epic proportions. Six minutes of pure sonic bliss pass you by in an instant, an example of the artist’s unique ability to grab your attention and hold it for as long as he wants. 

After flipping through an old family photo album, and seeing his late mother’s smile once again, Jacob was inspired to write ‘Sandy Reef’. Named after the street he grew up on, the musician tells a tale of longing for a return to those simpler and more peaceful times of his childhood. And, to further enhance that family connection, Jacob is accompanied by his father and brother on guitar.

Emerson is an artist who, I believe, is destined for big things in the near future. A superb vocalist and top-notch musician, I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next. If he can match or surpass the brilliance of his first two offerings, we’re in for a serious treat!

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Sandy Reef’ on Spotify now:


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