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Lake Nakoma Shares Self-Titled Bucolic Album

There’s a lot to be said for Lake Nakoma’s latest effort, an introspective and fragile album that welcomes listeners into its poignant, transformative and celebrative settings. Sefl-titled, ‘Lake Nakoma’ collects nine precious compositions, penned by Alabama-based talents Heath Fogg and Colin Woltmann. There seems to be a bit of a theme, sonically speaking, with a big slice of the record featuring acute, intimate vocals, perfectly fitting their bucolic framework. Gentle fingerstyle guitar accompanies Woltmann’s delicate, warm and evocative tone, sharing tales of hope, love and existential angst. 

There’s also a certain eclecticism. From the acoustic glory of ‘When You’re Around’ to the more fuzzy and rock-oriented ‘New Skin’, passing through the Bon iver-esque opener ‘Burying Old Bones’ – the keen listener will be kept on their toes, as they follow Lake Nakoma into their authentic and unique artistic journey. ‘Reflection’ reminds us that there’s also a certain indie flair in the mix. 

Meeting in 2018, the American duo has been growing into a stunning musical reality, exploding on the scene with lyrical charm and instrumental prowess. Fogg’s production work is particularly enticing, supercharging Woltmann’s introspective performances. A joint effort that’s flourishing – looking forward to seeing the project grow further. 

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