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Melt Away to Andreas Grannes’ Dreamy New Tune ‘Royal Space Dog’

Please give a warm welcome to Andreas Grannes, an independent singer/songwriter from Norway who recently stole my heart with his brand new release ‘Royal Space Dog’. Known for his spectacular and distinctive blend of dream-pop and indie-folk, ‘Royal Space Dog’ takes listeners on an almost psychedelic journey. The enchanting melody boasts a richly layered arrangement of ethereal guitars that melt into dreamy synths and Andreas’ velvety vocals. In the chorus, the artist gives off serious Richard Ashcroft vibes, and the tune is just pure magic from start to finish! My only complaint is that I wish it were a little longer.

A musician who’s been on the scene since 2018, Andreas has seen numerous successes with his art. His sophomore single ‘Darkness’ has over 300,000 plays on Spotify, and more recent releases have earned him some very respectable numbers too. It’s pretty easy to see the attraction of his music; it’s authentic and genuine without all the bells and whistles.

Enlisting the expertise of French producer and artist Diana Hutch to bring ‘Royal Space Dog’ to life, Andreas has gifted the world one of the most immersive tracks of the year. I just hope that we hear from him again soon!

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Royal Space Dog’ on Spotify now:


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