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Colin Manson Returns with Delicate Sophomore Single ‘Sea Son’

Towards the end of last year, we at Mesmerized fell completely in love with a soothing and blissful little folk tune called ‘Where We Started’. Courtesy of Scottish-born, Devon-based singer/songwriter Colin Manson, his debut release signalled the arrival of a promising new voice with a unique and enchanting sound. Now, with over 21,000 plays on Spotify, ‘Where We Started’ has garnered widespread acclaim, something the artist is undeniably worthy of.

‘Sea Son’ is Colin’s sophomore single, and it’s reignited our admiration for the talented musician. Having spent three years on sailing voyages across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, Manson’s travels deeply inspire his work, and none more so than his latest offering. A thought-provoking and utterly beautiful track, ‘Sea Son’ is a warm and alluring piece of indie-folk magic that wraps you up in a sonic blanket and doesn’t let go.

Enhanced by the ethereal vocal harmonies of Billie Maree, there’s a mellow and tranquil quality to the song that evokes feelings of serenity and nostalgia. Inviting listeners into its peaceful embrace, ‘Sea Son’ is yet another blissful tune from an artist we believe is on his way to the very top. Here’s to many more!

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Sea Son’ on Spotify now:


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