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Kallai Gear Up for Debut EP with Post-Punk Triumph ‘Palisades’

Portland-based shoegaze act Kallai is a band we’ve been keeping a close eye (and ear) on. Having released their cracking debut single ‘Always/Never’ in March, we’ve been eagerly awaiting to hear more from this promising group of musicians. Well, on Friday, they answered our calls by releasing their electrifying new single ‘Palisades’.

Showcasing their versatility, ‘Palisades’ sees Kallai leaning into their post-punk and synth-driven influences. Sure, there’s still a shoegazy undertone to the tune, but the track also exposes a bold and exciting experimentation of dynamic songwriting and evocative soundscapes. It also establishes Kallai as a dual-vocalist project, with David Gross handling lead vocals and Cate Hukie providing backing vocals.

Telling a tale of learning to open oneself up to someone, after years of difficulty and isolation, ‘Palisades’ is a song that demonstrates the band’s emotional and honest storytelling abilities. Introspective, thoughtful, and utterly captivating, it invites listeners to reflect on their own experiences of vulnerability and connection.

Formed last year by members of Trance to the Sun, Luscious Apparatus, and Lost Echoes, Kallai will unleash their debut EP on the world next month. It promises to solidify the act as one of the most exciting new groups on the scene, and we cannot wait to hear it!

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Palisades’ on Spotify now:


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