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Odelet Showcases Her Stunning Vocals in Latest Album ‘Pisces Pie’

A quick glance at Odelet’s Spotify profile reveals the popularity of a project that’s incredibly unique and hypnotizing. Built on soulful, jazzy and R&B-flavoured stylings, Odelet creates intimate and crepuscular music that moves with minimalism and lusciousness, further heightened by the American songstress’ ethereal, malleable vocals. 

Weaving in and out impressive vocal harmonies, Odelet favours minimal neo-soul beats and hip-hop references, then drenching it all into the sweetest melodies you have ever come across. It’s a triumph, really. ‘Pisces Pie’ is the strongest evidence of that: Odelet’s latest effort, the album embarks on an eleven-track journey through the Detroit-based creative’s eclectic sonic imagery, wrapping the listeners with understated elegance and lyrical catharsis.  

Speaking about the efforts behind ‘Pisces Pie’, Odelet explains: “When it comes to my vocals, I just hear what I hear… something about it can feel like jazz… but in terms of production, this album was definitely inspired by my love of old school Hip-Hop.” Wonky, syncopated grooves together with charming electric pianos and light textures: the stuff of dreams! 

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