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Beljune Offers Up Smooth and Laidback Stunner ‘Glass Half Full’

Beljune is a London-based singer/songwriter who we recently discovered and instantly fell in love with. He debuted last year with ‘Poison’, followed that up with ‘Poster Boy’, and now returns with another colourful and silky little number in the form of ‘Glass Half Full’. Sampling Leo Borman’s TED Talk on humanity’s ongoing quest for happiness, Beljune dives head-first into societal pressures and mental health. He’s never been one to shy away from almost taboo topics, and I believe that’s a big reason that we’ve gravitated towards him so quickly.

With his unmistakable suave voice, ‘Glass Half Full’ sees Beljune weaving wistful vocal melodies through smooth and uplifting instrumentation. Over a laidback beat and a seriously seductive bassline, the alternative R&B tune beckons listeners into a world of sonic sophistication. 

“My head is often so stuck in the future and in a particularly anxious period of my life, it’s a mentality shift I recognised I needed,” says the artist. “To try and be more present, to take it all as it comes, and tap into that glass-half-full mentality more”

Another stunner to add to his arsenal, ‘Glass Half Full’ is just perfect in every way!

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Glass Half Full’ on Spotify now:


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